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Britney Spears If U Seek Amy: Video and “Hidden Meaning”


Britney Spears has released the video clip to her radio hit If U Seek Amy.

The song has been fairly controversial for Spears, due to its alleged hidden meaning. Conservatives have called for the song to be banned, and some radio stations have refused to play it. According to one group “This may sound Yogi Berra-ish, but Britney’s song is a double-entendre with only one meaning. There is no misinterpreting the lyrics to this song; and it’s certainly not about a girl named Amy.”

To be honest, I just didn’t hear it at first, but if you know the context, you can make it out.

Here’s what it sounds like
If -F
You – U
Seek -C K
Amy – Me.

So you can substitute it into this line: “All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy.”

Here’s the If U Seek Amy video clip. If you’re a right wing conservative Christian, you might want to turn the sound off :-)

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29 Responses to “Britney Spears If U Seek Amy: Video and “Hidden Meaning””

  1. Elise

    It's terrible when there's a single letter standing in the way of a neat theory. A? Me? A-my?

    Never mind. If you play Sympathy For The Devil backwards you can definitely hear Keith Richards asking someone to close a door because of the draught…

  2. seanpaune

    This video should be banned…

    just for those atrocious red shoes she's wearing! They don't match her outfit at all!

  3. lala

    omgg. that meaningg is fcking amazing.
    stopp hatting hunnys :]

  4. AmandaHess

    Elise: The A doesn't stand in the way!

    It goes like this.

    If (F)
    You (U)


    -kAmy (K-Me)

    Britney is brill.

  5. Ellie

    If that /is/ what “If U Seek Amy” is even about I applaud her. Smart way to cover up some profanities. I highly doubt that's what it's about, though. Get over yourselves.

  6. Lilith

    No no, there's no letter in the way.
    Say it. Ifyouseekamy.

    The 'a' of Amy is like, merging with the 'k'. It really does sound like F-U-C-K me.
    It wasn't very well written out there, but if you look at it, 'k' is pronounced like 'kay', so the 'a' comes right after the 'k', and then it's ME.


  7. Marisa

    I think it's cleaver how it was hidden in there it took me a couple listens to hear it but I did and compared to some songs that are out there that's mild. What about sones like addicted by saving able ” I'm so addicted to all the things you do when your going down on me in between the sheets all the sounds you make every breathe you take” or nickelbacks something in your mouth that seems self explanitory. Theory of a dead mans bad girlfriend ” my girlfriends a dick magnet my girlfriends gotta have it” I don't see peope making a big huff over those songs wanting to ban them. the only reason everyone is up in arms about this song is because britney spears is singing it. Get over it people it's a song it's called freedom of speech.

  8. Nguyen Hong Thuy Tien

    I feel normal. It is interesting so much. I love it . I love Britney Spears. She is a talent.

  9. Jessica

    Britney says “If U Seek Amy.”
    and the Pope replied ” No, but Britney you can be Jamie!”

  10. deanna

    ohhhh! i get it now… i never knew wat that ment…. wow! Britney is crazy

  11. Nya

    That was so great how she did that. I didn't get it at first, but I give her mad props. People need to lay off her. Brits the SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Nya

    I think that was great. I didn't get it at first, but now I do. Way to go Brit. People need to just lay off of her. I give mad Props to Brit.

  13. okdokie

    She's great but I also think she's talking about sex and meth. That's waht I though the first time I heard the song,

  14. brit

    If you knew anything abt fashion, you would know that now a days shoes never match the outfit duh!!! And the shoes r so hot.

  15. ERose

    I totally think this song is about drugs if you really sit there and dissect it then it makes perfect sense

  16. MuffyLooWho

    this is one of those meaning within a meaning within a meaning, as is evident in her video. Yes, the whole “If U Seek Amy/F U C K Me” deal is one double meaning, but if you watch the video the other is very clear. “Amy” is the inner wild child hidden inside the “June Cleaver” persona. Seeking “Amy” means coaxing her out of “June” with drinks and parties and the such. Everyone wants Amy cause she's the party girl and no one really sees or pays attention to the other side. Everyone seeks the wild child head shaving Britney and no one pays attention to the mom and sister and everyday Britney.

  17. roy-ma

    of course brit wouldn't want her messages EXPOSED. she has to hide it somewhere, where people close to her wits could notice.

  18. steph

    all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to F-U-C-K me.

    britney is a genius.

  19. Kay

    R U SERIOUS? those shoes are hot!!! Lets see you shell out $3700 for shoes and request your own color. U need fashion sense. I would hate to see what you dress like

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