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New Research Says Smoking Pot Decreases Work Performance…

Study shows pot linked to decreased work performance


But seriously, a new study does indeed show that smoking marijuana is linked to decreased motivation in the workplace. Funny part is, the scientists on the study aren’t sure who to blame. It’s a chicken-or-egg scenario: is marijuana to blame for the decreased output of worker productivity, or are the people who frequently smoke pot lazy-asses in the first place? Or is it possible that work drives certain people to pot? It certainly drives some to drinking!

“There’s a popular belief that people who smoke cannabis are slackers and that they don’t want to work,” researcher Christer Hyggen said. Hyggen’s research comes from detailed questionnaires concerning subjects’ pot smoking and attitude toward their jobs.

Another ‘surprise': people who confessed to smoking marijuana also admitted that they’re not as dedicated to their jobs as the abstainers tended to be, even accounting for other factors such as mental health, emotional well-being, etc. The study’s findings also suggested that over time, “people who quit smoking cannabis increase their work commitment, and people who take up smoking cannabis reduce their work commitment,” said Hyggen.

Hyggen also stated that it’s not overall a bad idea to stay away from recreational drug use, marijuana included. “At the same time I don’t think we should be overly afraid of people experimenting with drugs in youth,” he said.

Well, this is all news to me. Truly. I’m going to take Hyggen’s endorsement of drug-use though. Let me know if it improves my writing.

What say you, reader? News to you?

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20 Responses to “New Research Says Smoking Pot Decreases Work Performance…”

  1. Debbie Butcher

    do not agree with this, I know alot of people who hold executive jobs and smoke pot! I think it depends on the individual! just saying

  2. Amanda Benedick

    I think this is a bunch of bull. Maybe its just the people they were polling every person is diffrent maybe they smoke pot cuz they hate their jobs or maybe they stay at their jobs cuz they do smoke either way there could be many diffrent factors and people r individuals.

  3. Irving Hughes

    This statement is not true sum ppl r jus lazy n dont wanna work I hav no problems workin like that I get my job done rite n efficiantly but tea sum ppl mite slack off @ work but blamin it on weed is the only thing they can blame cuz they dont wanna take responsability 4 their laziness

  4. Bill Ridout

    Lazy people have lazy children….people who smoke pot are some of the smartest, kindest, happiest people I know. Far more people drink too much and that results in hangovers, sick days, and bad attitudes on the job….there is no hangover from smoking pot. Alcohol is much more dangerous to our society in many ways…yet it remains legal. Pot is one of the few drugs left that has little to no known side effects, causes less violence in the home, and may actually increase intelligent thought. The same cannot be said for alcohol.

  5. Dawn Thornton-Luty

    As a single motherof 3 young children, working at a television station, I was putting in 75-110 hours a week. Was I not dedicated and working hard enough. We never missed a newscast. This is BS! Oh and the reason for my hours, because when others couldn't be there, I would!

  6. Drew Kowalkowski

    Sure, if you come to work blazed out of your mind every day. All good things in moderation…

  7. Darin Chock

    smearpice propaganda in 2012? 80 years of this crap. collectivism is far more dangerous than pot. heres a stat for ya; people asking questions that steer a narrative contradict truths.

  8. Michele Johnson

    you might get a little more done but you wont have as much fun doing it!!!

  9. Denise Harmon

    Drew Kowalkowski exactly! i'm not advocating coming to work blazed, but i do know people who sleep better, function better, ect. when they occasionally use….

  10. Lucy Gunter

    This is from a kid with a clipboard…no research or study, I can set up a HEB query and what – just asked the divorced folks how is marriage????? Oh, 99% of my study shows marriage sucks. See I can research too…..

  11. Matt Riley

    What a stupid article. Just what we need, more speculation about ridiculous anti pot notions.

    2.3 million prisoners. Half for drug offences and 75% of those for cannabis. That's nearly 1 million cannabis prisoners. Prison labor (at 10 – 20 cents an hour) produces 100% of the US's military uniforms as well as a great volume of other products. Cannabis prohibition is part of the new American slavery system designed to compete with Mexico and China's low labor costs. If you are for prohibition you need to understand that you are supporting slavery…

    The land of the free indeed….

  12. Matt Riley

    Cannabis has heaps of side effects but you can group them all together under the heading "good health"

  13. Bill Ridout

    In 20 yrs….the effects of all of the High Fructose Corn syrup and prescription drugs we have been eating/using will become evident. We are a county addicted to everything and I beleive that Pot is one of the least harmful mind altering drugs out there. When was the last time you saw someone homeless because of their pot addiction?

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