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Most Hated And Most Loved States In America [Nationwide Polling]

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Americans travelling to other states for their next vacation are more likely to pick Hawaii and Colorado over California and Illinois if their decision is based solely on the states they like and the states they want to avoid.

Public Policy Polling interviewed 1,200 people and in their questions they asked how each person felt about each of the 50 states, they then arranged those responses to create a list of the 50 states in terms of popularity.

As the numbers revealed Hawaii, Colorado, Tennessee, South Dakota and Virginia were overwhelmingly liked while California, Illinois, New Jersey, Mississippi and Utah ended up with negative polling numbers.

What might be most interesting isn’t which states are loved and hates but rather the fact that most states were seen as “indifferent” by responding parties. In fact two-thirds of responding parties said they were “not sure” about most states.

The study also found that political affiliation plays a big part in which states are chosen as liked or disliked.For example Democrats liked California 91 points more than Republicans while Republicans liked Texas 92 points more than Democrats.

The study in general found that Democrats and Republicans differed greatly on which states they preferred with responses falling squarely into what we call the “red” and “blue” states.

Here’s the top 5 most popular and top 5 least liked states:

Most popular:

  1. Hawaii—54-10 (+44)
  2. Colorado—44-9 (+35)
  3. Tennessee—48-14 (+34)
  4. South Dakota—42-8 (+34)
  5. Virginia—45-13 (+32)

Least popular:

  1. California—27-44 (-17)
  2. Illinois—19-29 (-10)
  3. New Jersey—25-32 (-7)
  4. Mississippi—22-28 (-6)
  5. Utah—24-27 (-3)

Do you have your own list of favorite and most hated states? Feel free to share your favorites in our comments section.

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13 Responses to “Most Hated And Most Loved States In America [Nationwide Polling]”

  1. Debby Fields

    I've lived long enough to know that most people hate what they don't know or understand. I'm a fourth generation Californian and proud of it. And guess what? I'm a conservative Republican as well. I don't live in a big city, I'm not snooty, I've been known to waive at my neighbors, I go to church every Sunday, and I give to worthy causes. I find it strange that only 1200 people were polled and this is the conclusion they came up with. How many of those people have actually lived or even visited this state…and I don't mean places like SF of LA? I'm guessing few if not any!

  2. James DeWitt

    Debbie, unfortunately through my travels since H/S, just about anywhere I've been, it's like an unwrtten taboo, you're from Calif? At first you try to explain but the more you try, the more they do not want to listen to you. After awhile I just keep my mouth shut. Believe it or not, people are just plain jealous, why because we could survive without any other outside help. We have everything we need to survive. Believe me, traveling about in the service, state to state, you find out who likes Calif or who doesn't. You almost have to protect yourself. To me personally, Texas and Alaska and maybe, well not maybe, Oregon can't stand CA. Alaska was the worst. They just don't like outsiders. Yet most of AK population are just that, outsiders. I've left CA several times in my life, but There's nothing like living in CA. Enough said.

  3. James DeWitt

    I need to clarify a few things. First I didn't mean to stereotype all states. Sure, it might be, but it's always that certain percentage that brings down the entire state. Secondly, I've met a lot of very nice people who are impressed with Calif. I was born and raised in LA until I was 12. Then we moved to GV, by family and it opened up a whole different world to me. I've mised the cities of LA or SF, but as a state, it's Great. That's why I'm still here and will be.

  4. Mike Favre

    That was an uninformed comment.Just like the 1200 that took the survey had probably never even been to the majority of the states that they indicated.Probably relied on what images tv and the movies portrayed them wrongly as being.

  5. Michy Moroses

    Gosh… people just hate NJ! I live here, and these snobs don't give us a chance. We're not all snooki [and most of them are from NY! not hating on NY, justa saying… ] and it's actually beautiful! go to the beach in the fall, like I do, cuz there aren't so many tourists crudding it up. ITS NOT OUR FAULT! Everybody's like "We hate NJ cuz everyone smokes and parties all night and drinks like a maniac!" Well, that's not all of us. It's definitely not me. So people need to stop being to stereotype- they-all-are-high snobs that think their state is better than everyone elses. I'm not usually a ranter like this, BUT IM SO FED UP WITH IT! CALIFORNIA I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!

  6. Michy Moroses

    everybody just stop hating on states. If you don't like a state, ok! it's not like anyone's forcing u to move there! Chill!

  7. Alyssa Bertelsen

    I live in california and i dont get why.people hate it california is awesome ! But i Hate new jersey.

  8. Alyssa Bertelsen

    My daughter Alyssa should not hate NJ as this is her mom Stefanie, who was born and raised in NJ and it is the best state and we will be movinf there. CA is the state I hate

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