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Venus, Jupiter and Earth’s Moon Will Appear Close Together In The Night Sky This Weekend

Venus Jupiter and the Moon Align in February 2012

Stargazers looking at the Western sky are in for a treat on Saturday and Sunday night when Venus, Jupiter and the Earth’s crescent moon align in a spectacular night sky.

Venus and Jupiter are already lined up in the western sky with the planets 20 degrees apart as of mid-February however that gap will narrow to just 10 degrees by month’s end.

By Saturday night the crescent moon will join in for a triple combination that will be viewable from around the world at twilight.

Observers will also notice that Venus is closer to the moon on Saturday while Jupiter will be closer to the Earth’s moon on Sunday.

While the moon will disappear from that alignment after Sunday night both Venus and Jupiter will continue to move closer to one another until they are just 3 degrees apart at their closest point in mid-March. offers a sky map that shows how the celestial triple play will display to stargazers over the weekend.

As CBS News points out:

“In addition, for anyone observing both nights, it will be a spectacular demonstration of just how far the moon moves in a single night. We don’t often have two such brilliant mileposts along the moon’s path.”

Do you plan to head outside to watch the alignment of Jupiter, Venus and the Earth’s moon on Saturday or Sunday night?

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3 Responses to “Venus, Jupiter and Earth’s Moon Will Appear Close Together In The Night Sky This Weekend”

  1. Anthony Marc

    soo close, I can see Jupiters crates from a optical scope and just last night, in northern Alberta (right in my yard), for the first time, I got the chance to see the Northernlights (Aurora Borealis) flashout. Its not a "steady" motion, more like solar flare acivity. Due to Sun's heat bursting out, its develop a highly electrons from a solar wind and interact with Earth geomagnetic in atmosphere. Gods wonders of of the universe and it doesn't happen every 100 years (NASA) theory.

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