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Two Teachers Accused of Sex with Same Boy

Linda Nef

Two junior high school teachers from Utah are accused of sexual assault after police say they individually had sex with the same 13-year-old student. Linda R. Nef, 46, and Valynne Bowers, 39, are both facing first-degree felony charges of rape and sodomy on a child.

Linda NefValynne Bowers

Teacher Sex Investigation

Investigators say Linda Nef and Valynne Bowers — both teachers at Bountiful Junior High, near Salt Lake City — each confessed to having a sexual relationship with the teenager. Investigators do not believe either woman knew about the other’s involvement until recently.

According to local media reports, both women progressed from personal talks to text message and phone sex, then to actual physical contact. Detectives say the sexual assaults took place at various homes, parking lots, and parks.

Nef, who taught Utah studies and advised Bountiful’s cheerleading squad, told police she had been engaged in a sexual relationship with the boy since October of 2007. Bowers’ physical relationship with the boy is believed to have started this past December.

The Teachers’ Status

Nef resigned from her teaching position on Monday, reports indicate. She had been with the district since 2004. Her first court appearance is scheduled for March 27.

Bowers, on the other hand, is on administrative leave during the investigation. She has been teaching in the district since 1996, though she reportedly was an elementary school teacher until 2006. She waived her right to a preliminary hearing and is now set to be formally charged on March 16.

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20 Responses to “Two Teachers Accused of Sex with Same Boy”

  1. Dsuave624

    I would LOVE to smash those two beautiful women's vajajays!

  2. brahma

    Who's the victim? Certainly not the teenager. These chicks will “get off” with the old “I was abused in my younger years”, or the forever popular “mental conditions”…

  3. Ruggy

    We need to lower the age of legal consent before this country runs out of teachers.

  4. Mike Quinones

    Notice that sodomy is one of the crimes too. Do you think they both let him stick it in their poopers, or just one?

  5. John Smith

    My guess is that “Sodomy” means oral sex in this case.

  6. Bristol

    I bet he's not the victim, and back when I was in school I'd kept my mouth shut. These women aren't nothing to look at but come on. There were some teachers back when I was in 8th grade I'd love to had them take me and teach me after school… LOL

  7. e

    thnx to triump110 for the link to other scandals…there were more scandals like this and the site was considerate enough to label which is involves what sexes on both parties. For example i picked out all the female teacher to female student scandals :)


    where is 'triumph the insult comic dog' when you need him?..

  9. mizzrbelle

    This was a horrible mistake with irreversable damage. This kid isn’t all sugar and spice. Yes these women broke the law. And not only are theypaying the price behind bars but also their family have to deal with it everyday. No one wins in this situation. I’m feel for all families involved.

  10. Anonymous

    oh, nice. it's not about the ONE BOY who screwed two of his teachers. Oh no.

  11. Anonymous

    Frrickin' sex offender in the making. Cut his dick off now, so he won't rape and murder later.

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