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Christina Aguilera’s Weight Gain Defended by Adam Levine

christina aguilera weight gain adam levine howard stern

Christina Aguilera’s weight gain has been defended by her friend and fellow Voice judge Adam Levine. The Maroon 5 frontman was appearing on shock jock Howard Stern’s show earlier this week, when Stern – now an America’s Got Talent judge – asked:

“Why do you think [Christina]’s got so heavy, is she upset? She used to be so f**king hot! And her clothes are too tight, am I right?”

Levine wouldn’t be lured in though, and gallantly set about defending Aguilera’s right to carry some extra pounds:

“Her clothes are tight, she likes to wear tight clothes. She clearly likes to talk about being comfortable with being a woman, and snapping her fingers and doing the whole [diva] thing.”

New-age guy Howard wasn’t done, however, arguing that “When you’re a plus-sized woman, you can’t wear the tight clothes anymore.” Levine was just as rapid with his reply to that, stating, “I wouldn’t go that far actually.”

Aguilera’s rising weight has been seized upon by all corners of the media, with a notable undercurrent of sniggering taking place. Yet the Grammy-winning songstress says she is content with her weight. In a recent interview, she addressed the subject defiantly, saying:

“As long as I’m happy in my own skin, that’s all I need. I’m happy with where I’m at. I have a boyfriend that loves my body. I love my body.”

Was Howard Stern out of line asking such questions? Would he have posed the same query about, say, Seth Rogen? Or was Howard Stern just being Howard Stern?

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16 Responses to “Christina Aguilera’s Weight Gain Defended by Adam Levine”

  1. Diana Custer

    Howard himself is a waif. Doesn't have any muscle tone at all. Gaunt really. Anyway not grossly thin like him would seem heavy…

  2. Bernita Pulmas

    Christina looks great. The question for Howard should be how someone so UGLY and RUDE could have a show to ask such a question. And no, he does not have talent which goes to show that even non-talented jerks can get rich. He just needs to be thankful, shut up and go away.

  3. Theresa Ruth Howard

    The more she chooses to accept and not constantly address her body, the more the media entities want to talk about her, almost goading her in to making a statement where she reveals something more personal that they can then turn into yet another wave of revenue. I see parallels between these bloggers and school bullies that taunt teens to the point of suicide. With a relentless barrage of snide, caustic remarks attacking everything from their bodies, to there babies. It’s not bad enough celebrities get stalked by photographers, which is like bullies chasing you off of the playground, they have to content with bloggers getting a hold of the photos and adding captions and posts that rip them apart, akin to the nasty writings on the bathroom or locker room walls. Like bullies bloggers give you names that others begin to refer to you as in jest, although it is not funny. The gossip wielders have the power to create a mean spirited subtext to the public lives of celebrities and great speculation about their private ones. Doesn’t that sound like the bullies we are rallying against when it comes to high school students? If it were children being called names we (as a society) would not stand for it. So why is it ok for celebrities? What makes it worse is that these writers and “reporters” are grown adults not children who might not know any better.
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  4. Stacy Jones

    this may be some kind of reaction or something yes in deed the lady had the looks when she is slim but still can;t say she is responsible for all this.

  5. Yvonda Johnson

    there was a show a few years back where howard took off his shirt and pants and was wearing something quite similar to a bathing suit. it was not pretty and he was nasty to look at…he's simply one of the many people who talk about others without ever bothering to look in the mirror at his own flaws. christina is beautiful and I love her attitude about her body. he doesn't understand because he doesn't love himself or anyone else. kudos to adam levine for being a stand-up guy and a real gentle man.

  6. Molly Jayne Sullivan

    She looks stunning either way so people should shut about weight because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

  7. Lisa Jones

    She is a total bitch on the show. I applaud Adam for being so nice considering the fact that she has done everything in her power to undermine Tony Lucca's success.

  8. Reina Oriol

    Y would u write such a horrible thing 2 such a beautiful human being? U should pray 2 get all da hate from inside u!
    U should hate world hunger, war, rapist, pedophiles!!!! Ect…

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