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Star Jones to Make Guest Appearance on ‘The View’

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Star Jones is returning to The View! The former co-host, who left in acrimonious circumstances back in 2006 (her and Barbara Walters had quite the tiff, it was reported) will appear on the daytime talk show on February 22.

Jones, one of the five original co-hosts of the show, left in 2006, taking Walters somewhat by surprise with her swift exit announcement. Reportedly, Walters refused to let her back the next day, and later revealed that Jones had asked her co-hosts to lie on her behalf, by not mentioning how Jones had undergone gastric bypass surgery while still presenting the show.

Star Jones rapidly fired back, criticizing Walters for penning an autobiography that revealed details of an affair. Essentially, the whole tiresome debate was about people sticking their noses in one another’s business.

Time heals however, and Walters will share the stage with Jones for her return. While the comeback is a one-off affair, it’s for a fine cause: Jones is appearing to promote an awareness campaign about heart disease among women.

By unhappy coincidence, Jones and Walters both underwent open heart surgery within two months of each other in 2010 – both to have faulty heart valves repaired.

And now Jones is returning to talk up her role in the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” public information campaign. On February 3, women across the States will be asked to wear red to support heart patients.

Will you be looking forward to Star Jones’ return to The View? Or do you think the show has gone from strength to strength without her?

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17 Responses to “Star Jones to Make Guest Appearance on ‘The View’”

  1. Sherron Young

    Chris Greenhough lol! I love how people surf the internet desperate for something to do, find and read a story they claim to have no interest in then make rude comments about how they don't care.

  2. Billy Pilgrim

    I agree .. . and sitting around reponding to reponses is not a pointless activity. I just clicked on the article just to comment on it, because I can't stand the woman. That's probably what Jim Veteto did. I wonder why he didn't stick around to repond?Oh wait . . . he probably really doesn't care.

  3. Billy Pilgrim

    Chris Greenhough… the president of the Star Jones Fanboy club, and rabid fan of The View.

  4. Kathy Morris

    Star Jones was terribnle on that show and acted so low class. I always thought "you can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of the girl".

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