Lenovo Leads Reliability Testing

Apple Drops To Fourth In Reliability Rating, Lenovo Leads The Pack

That $500 Apple laptop that cost you $1000 to buy might not be worth it after all, that after Rescuecom‘s computer reliability ratings survey revealed that Apple has fallen to fourth place despite strong showings in recent years.

In fact Lenovo scored so high that Apple couldn’t even halve the company’s score in comparison.

In second place on the reliability scale was Toshiba followed by Samsung in the third spot with a slightly higher rating then the world’s largest technology provider.

According to Rescuecom CEO David Milman:

“The comparatively smaller Toshiba and Samsung are illustrating interesting reliability trends worth watching over the coming year.”

Following just behind Apple was Asus and HP in fifth and sixth place.

In the meantime Apple could be losing out on reliability as the company continues to nickle and dime manufacturers such as FoxConn while attempting at the same time to create an ever increasing number of electronic devices for an Apple hungry worldwide population.

I personally had to switch back to a Windows 7 based PC after my 2 year old Macbook randomly shorted out when it wasn’t even plugged in, in the meantime my iPhone 4 thinks freezing is a normal part of it’s daily activity.

Do you think Apple products have lost quite a bit of their reliability luster over the last several years?