Calcutta Being Painted Blue

Calcutta To Be Painted Blue As Government Tries To Pretty Up City Areas

With a new government left to deal with pressing issues that include arsenic in the water supply, a lack of proper garbage disposal, and various other pollution control issues Calcutta’s new government has decided that painting the town blue and white will somehow make things better.

Under the governments new plan taxis, government buildings, footpaths and other government controlled and public areas will be pained blue and white because “blue is a beautiful color, and is also soothing for the eyes.”

In a public statement Calcutta officials said of the new plan:

“From now on, all government buildings, whenever they are re-painted, will be done in sky blue. The owners of private buildings will also be requested to follow the same colour pattern. The necessary government orders will be issued soon.”

After hearing about the government’s beautification plan the Calcutta Telegraph scoffed:

“Finding the right colour combination is undoubtedly the crucial first step in making a city safer, healthier, cleaner and generally more user-friendly for its inhabitants,” the newspaper wrote in an editorial.

“It could, with as little doubt, sort out its core problems – chaotic health care, inability to implement pollution control norms, arsenic in the water, archaic sewers and garbage disposal, bad roads, killer buses for public transport, an airport falling apart and beyond dismal, priceless paintings rotting away in public art galleries, to name a few.”

As expected the governments opposition is calling the blue plan a waste of public funds.

On the other hand painting the city blue will help wipe away all of the red symbology that has been the focal point of the city after the communist rule of the country from 1977 through 2011.