Marine One Catches Pot Filled Cessna

Pot Plane Intercepted By Marine One Fighter Jets

Talk about bad luck. A four-seat Cessna plane carrying 40 pounds of marijuana flew into restricted airspace this week and was intercepted by Marine fighter jets that were protecting President Obama who was flying aboard Marine One at the time.

The presidential helicopter was flying from Orange County, California to Los Angeles when authorities attempted to contact the cessna as it entered the Presidents restricted airspace.

After several failed attempts to contact the Cessna 182 aircraft it was intercepted by military fighters which forced the plane to land at Long Beach Airport.

Once grounded local law enforcement met with the plane and the cessna was searched which led authorities to 40 pounds of pot which was hidden aboard the plane.

According to authorities the confrontation was not meant as a threat upon the Presidents life and Marine One was never close enough to the cessna to put his life in danger.

Later in the day Obama left from San Francisco aboard Air Force One as he headed to Seattle for the next part of her Democrat fundraising events.

Simply leaving restricted airspace could have quite possibly saved the pilots from losing 40 pounds of marijuana and from being arrested. Do you think the Cessna pot flying criminals should have at least acknowledged the calls to their plane?