Chicago Skyline

Chicago Named Most Corrupt U.S. City In Not So Shocking Study

Chicago was named the Windy City many years ago not because of the amount of wind the city feels on a daily basis but rather because of corrupt “wind bag” politicians that have ruled the city for more than a century and now a new study out of the University of Illinois at Chicago has pegged Chitown as the countries most corrupt city.

The study focused on the fact that Chicago has racked up more public corruption convictions then any other federal jurisdiction in the United States over the last 36 years.

When everything was tallied Chicago secured 1,531 convictions since 1976.

The entire state of Illinois meanwhile racked up 1,828 public corruption convictions, the third most behind only California and New York.

While those states had more convictions they are also considerably larger then Illinois which pushed their per-person statistics below the state.

Among some of the most recent and notable convictions were those of former Illinois Governors Rod Blagojevich and George Ryan however the state over the 36 year period has experienced other top authority arrests and convictions.

Among Chicago’s top convictions were various top level public figures who were cast into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons including:

  1. Four Governors
  2. Two Congressmen
  3. One State Treasurer
  4. 11 State Legislatures
  5. Numerous Aldermen and Judges.

With numerous arrests and a celebrated history as the hometown city of Al Capone I can’t say I’m exactly surprised that Chicago is the most corrupt city in the United States.

Are you surprised to learn just how corrupt Chicago really has been over the last four decades and most honestly much longer?