Goats Have Accents

Goats Have Accents Based On Age And Demographic Groups [Study]

Researchers examining how goats communicate found that they actually carry with them their own accents that change based on their age and the groups they join.

Previous research claimed that goat accents were based solely on genetic variables but researchers at Queen Mary University of London found that a goats surroundings did affect their “voices.”

If the research holds up goats will join a very small group of animals that carry accents, specifically humans, elephants and dolphins.

According to researcher Dr. Elodie Briefer:

“We found that genetically related kids produced similar calls, which is not that surprising. But the calls of kids raised in the same social groups were also similar to each other, and became more similar as the kids grew older. This suggests that goat kids modify their calls according their social surroundings, developing similar ‘accents’.”

If the research is correct it could open up the possibility that all mammals develop accents.

At this time researchers are not sure what causes the goats accent to change based on environment.

Research study co-author Dr. Alan McElligot adds of the research:

“The existence of vocal plasticity in mammals such as goats reveals a possible early pathway in the evolution of vocal. The research also highlights the important cognitive abilities that some of our domestic animals possess, and which have remained undetected until now.”

The groups full results are published in the journal Animal Behaviour.

Would you be surprised to learn that goats and other mammals develop accents based on geography just like human beings.

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