Syria Burning City and Carrier Pigeons

Trapped Syrian Citizens Communicating By Carrier Pigeons

Forget the internet, trapped citizens in Syria have begun communicating via the age old practice of carrier pigeons.

Protesters became trapped in the city after government forced laid siege to the area and they have begun sending requests for help via the pigeons because telecommunications and even basic electricity have been severed.

To communicate hand written letters have been written and attached to pigeons’ legs at which point neighbors send the pigeons to one another.

One note according to Raw Story read:

“From the activists in Old Homs (district) to those in Baba Amr, please tell us what you need in terms of supplies, medicine and food.”

An answer was then sent that read:

“God willing, we will deliver them to you.”

In other efforts to communicate anti-government Syrians with electricity have taken to Google’s Map Maker to show where certain government control areas have fallen by changing the names of streets to signal a victory.

In the middle of a General Assembly meeting Syria’s UN envoy accused Google of participating in a foreign plot to meddle in Syria’s internal affairs and undermine Assad.

Here’s a video featuring Syrian streets recreated using Google Map Maker:

Do you think Syrian rebels are getting the upper hand on government officials by implementing various communications techniques that allow them to circumvent problems that can arise when electricity and other infrastructures have been demolished?