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Bobby Brown Banned from Whitney Houston’s Funeral?

bobby-brown-banned whitney houston's funeral details

Whitney Houston’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown, has received some disappointing news: He is not welcome to Whitney’s funeral.

According to TMZ, Brown learned that several members of Whitney’s family do not want him attending the the singer’s private funeral in Newark, New Jersey this Saturday.

Although Bobby – who left his band’s ongoing tour after hearing of Houston’s death – has yet to hear an official word from the family, sources claim that Whitney’s family has made it clear that they do not want him there. Bobby, on the other hand, wants to be there to support their daughter Bobbi Kristina.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, Brown and Houston’s only child together, was twice hospitalized for stress and anxiety after her mother was found dead in a bathtub Saturday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. Bobbi Kristina had been in L.A. with her mother to attend pre-Grammy festivities. Her father flew to California to be with his daughter Sunday.

As for the details of the Whitney Houston’s funeral, ABC News reports that the singer will be remembered in the New Hope Baptist Church, which will seat 1,500 people. New Hope is the same church where Houston honed her powerful voice in the choir, according to Wikipedia.

Carolyn Whigham, owner of Whigham Funeral Home states,

“They have shared her for 30-some years with the city, with the state, with the world. This is their time now for their farewell.”

She adds, “The family thanks all the fans, the friends and the media, but this time is their private time.”

While further details regarding Whitney’s funeral remain unknown, NY Daily reports that Houston’s eulogy will be delivered by The Rev. Marvin Winans, the Detroit pastor who married Houston to Bobby Brown in the early 90s.

*Update: ABC reports that while Whitney Houston’s family has confirmed that they do not want Bobby Brown to attend the funeral, they realize they will be unable to stop him because of his daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

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56 Responses to “Bobby Brown Banned from Whitney Houston’s Funeral?”

  1. Cinzia Smith Iaia

    Please, let's be honest. He only showed up is because the public made him look as bad as he really is because he STILL went on stage that same night and performed! He only finally showed up the next day because of all the bad publicity he was getting. It's always been about Bobby. Shame on him. He can have private time with his daughter. My heart goes out to Bobbi Kristina that little girl needs all the love and support she can get right now and forever more.

  2. Stephanie Halen

    People should not judge anyone regarding the events that lead to Houston's death! Bobby Brown or any one for the matter is not the blame of her tragic death. Also, people should not believe eveything they read. The media is hyping this for $$$. Please let this family heal in peace!

  3. Cyndee Fisher

    They are divorced…he has no reason to be there. Their daughter is surrounded by family who can support her and help her to heal. RIP Miss Whitney…I still can't believe that you are gone.

  4. Helen Manhan

    One of the news blips was when Whitney first started she was getting flack about being too mainstream to the white population. Did she marry that trash to prove she was still AfroAmerican and dirty up her image? Her life went to trash when he was with her. Ruined her life to this sad ending for ALL music lovers.

  5. Cinzia Smith Iaia

    I agree…. no one forced her to do anything but I do believe he was a bad influence on her life and for obvious reasons that we know nothing about her family does not want him around… so there must be much more to that story than we will ever know. Please keep in mind that he should have been on a plane IMMEDIATELY after he heard of her death for his daughter and not worrying about performing with not a single tear in his eyes

  6. Sylestine Burtin

    Honestly she is gone every body need to show her some damn respect…A funeral is for everyone to say their goodbyes to the rested. Leave them the fuck alone people Bobby ain't do nothing to Whitney but love her she made her own choices he ain't make her do shit. They loved one another and lived their lives together for better and worst. Let Queen Whitney REST IN PEACE DAMNIT…..get a life people show some fucking respect…

  7. Tina SO Blessed Terry


  8. Stephanie Halen

    Cinzia Smith Iaia As I said do not judge and how do you know she was not a bad influence on his life? Maybe he just simply moved on? In regards to hopping on a plane how do we know he did not do it immediately? Was there a delay from the media? I think we have two adults who are lsot souls period. I thank God I am not in their shoes. You should be thankful also.

  9. Donna Hawkins Rock

    The Houston family really should not prevent Bobby from attending the funeral. It's not about Bobby and Whitney's past. They were BOTH adults. It's not about whether he's a "bad" dad or not. It's about him wanting to be there for Bobbi Kristina NOW and if she wants her Daddy to be by her side then they should respect that. If, on the other hand, Bobby Brown is doing this for the publicity…God does not like ugly and if that is the case…Bobbi Kristina will figure it all out on her own.

  10. Tianya Ratcliffe

    divorced or not he is still the father of her child. No matter what they did, or went through he will always have love for Whitney. She was the mother of his child. There is a bond there. Whether America likes it or not. And further more,……. we have starving, homeless children in our own back yards, we have men and women over seas dying for our freedom. With so many serious issues going on in the world THIS is all we can talk about? I weep for the next generation,………

  11. Cinzia Smith Iaia

    Stephanie Halen I am very thankful I am not in their shoes YES but we know he did not jump on a plane because he was on stage performing with his old band. Let's not also forget their life was also filled with violence that their daughter saw first hand because BOBBY BROWN WAS AN ABUSIVE CONTROL FREAK!!!!! so the domestic violence was also a factor in that household which
    Bobbi Kristina saw besides the fact that BOTH parents were strung out on drugs. Addictions are hard to break and it is tragic

  12. Cinzia Smith Iaia

    I am very thankful I am not in their shoes YES but we know he did not jump on a plane because he was on stage performing with his old band. Let's not also forget their life was also filled with violence that their daughter saw first hand because BOBBY BROWN WAS AN ABUSIVE CONTROL FREAK! so the domestic violence was also a factor in that household which.
    Bobbi Kristina saw besides the fact that BOTH parents were strung out on drugs. Addictions are hard to break and it is tragic.

  13. Michelle Welker

    actually he left the stage after he started crying. Just because they divorced does not mean he doesnt love her anymore or his daughter for that matter. he should be allowed to be a father to his daughter on the worst day of her life

  14. Cinzia Smith Iaia

    Where did you find out that he left the stage????? Her family knew intimate details that only Whitney would have shared with them so we must keep that in mind as to part of the reasoning of their decision it is not up to us to try to understand but obviously they MUST have their reasons

  15. Kristy Ruggiero

    This is making me relive my fathers funeral all over again. Bobbi Kristina has the final say, because SHE is the next of kin, who attends that funeral. The same as I should have had final say about my fathers funeral because I am/was his next of kin…instead of being run over by certain family memebers! If SHE wants her father there, that's all that matters, no one else should have shit to say about it. RIP Whitney

  16. Amy Roseff

    Call me tomorrow, I'll be in Vineland area, your dad and Whitney housten want to talk to you!!!

  17. Gloria Hawkins

    As an ordained minister I believe in forgiveness. We have a will and no one can make us do anything we do what's in us. I was in a bad marriage but my family still loves my X and so do I. God is a God of mercy, compassion, and grace. I pray that Mr.Bobby Brown will be allowed to go to the funeral it's the right thing for the family to do!

  18. Cinzia Smith Iaia

    Stephanie Halen I have no right to judge anyone I am just voicing an opinion like everyone else….

  19. Cinzia Smith Iaia

    Michelle Welker I have searched the internet and have found nothing saying that he left the stage, could you please direct me to where you found this information?

  20. Helen Manhan

    If that is true, that is sad but to me pictures before BB and after BB speak volumes.. Drugs are Satan's candy and so many have died this way. Elvis, amd on and on . Peace miss Tiffany, my sadness was behing the post.

  21. Michelle Welker

    Cinzia Smith Iaia I will post a link for it in a bit. I do agree that they have their reasons, I just think that is because they blame Bobby Brown for her behavior and life style. However she was an adult and made her own choices. Those should be put aside in a moment like this. Bobby Brown is her father, and should he now have custody of their child I would imagine that they would want to be a part of her life. They are hurting, I understand that to, and want to blame someone. It is sad to see a family torn and in such turmoil. I pray they get their heads together for the sake of their daughter (grand-daughter)

  22. Tierra Williams

    Cinzia Smith Iaia ,l look up the video, bobby brown says i love you whitney on stage…its on youtube

  23. Tierra Williams

    if you want the truth, her close friends have said she was on drugs before she met him

  24. Tierra Williams

    where have you been ? Whitney admitted on national tv that she has hit Bobby as well, it was a terrible relationship and Bobby was not all to blame, get over your obsession with blaming Bobby…sheesh

  25. Joshua M Gaynor

    I really believe all of this is uncalled for. To sit there and not allow Bobby Brown to be there at the funeral "IS OUT OF ORDER". With all do respect Whitney Houston was old enough to say "NO". NOW ISN'T THAT WE ALL WERE TOLD AT ONE POINT IN OUR LIFE?????? If you were to ask me, "since the Houston family and friends of the family are talking crazy and playing the blame game, then they should also blame themselves" AND THEY ALL JUST STAY HOME and not even have a funeral. With mother Houston being the Gospel Singer that she is someone "if not mother Houston" should of being there for Whitney Houston. Now the question should be, what about "Bobbi Kristina Brown"??? Who's going to really be there for her??? Who's going to see to that 1st of all she get some help??? SHE TOO HAS A DRUG PROBLEM, and Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston is to blame for that………

  26. Kevin Smith

    It wasn't Bobby Brown's fault. Whitney should have told him from the start any drugs or alcohol means she does NOT want him around any more. But, no. She could not do that. Did she become an AA member? No! Many stars bounce in & out of expensive rehab centers only to go out again and use. What they really need is 12 Steps and a tough sponsor and the love of a Higher Power.

  27. Michelle Welker

    John L Brown Nobody here said he didnt… and as far as I am concerned he has shown nothing but support for both of them since this tragic event. I applaud him for that

  28. AJ Allen

    I'm not certain how I feel about it, but I'm not surprised. After all, it is a private family funeral and he isn't family any longer. Personally speaking, I'm not certain that I'd want my ex, former, or whatever you want to call them, trying to honor me at my funeral. The honor should have been extended while she was alive and they were married! He can still morn her privately at the grave site!

  29. Cinzia Smith Iaia

    In the grand scheme of things simple fact is this, Ms. Houston is dead. No one forced her to continue on the path she chose, we have lost another talent because of doctors who just fill scrips to satisfy stars cravings. I was voicing my opinion (whether you feel it is negative or positive) as to the downfalls of her career> Yes she did take drugs before she met Mr. Brown but she spiraled out of control and it was a crazy relationship. My concern is for the daughter and nothing more. My OPINION is that Mr. Brown is self-centered!

  30. Bishop Walter Dixon

    February 15, 2012.
    Official Press Release: Bishop Walter Dixon Spiritual Message Exclusively For Whitney Houston’s Mother Cissy Houston and Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.
    We join you in our hearts today in this painful event as friends who share in your grief and disbelief. We share your sense of deep loss and the profound wish that there might have been some other way. We have no answers or explanations; we, like you, re inclined to search for ways to understand, but we have all already discovered that such a search is in vain. Still, without answers, explanations, or easy to grasp what has happened, we stand alongside with each of you with hope and confidence in Jesus Christ that the last word has not been spoken. Even in this situation of what feels to us like finality in the extreme, the God of life will not let it be. The God who gives life physically and spiritually has already taken the one you love into his divine arms and welcomed her into her heavenly home.
    We understand all too well that those of you nearest to her remain in a state of confusion, heavy, heated and bereaved, lonely and confused. Of course; how could it be any other way? What I have to offer today is a simple reminder that the God who loves and has provided for her eternally also loves you and is ready to help you bear the heavy load. This is the abiding message of the Christian faith and the only basis on which we can face life’s grim realities with a sense of hopefulness intact. God loves you, abides with you, and will not forsake you in these moments and in the days of re-adjustment and re-orientation that are ahead of you.
    This surely is the message of Psalm 46. Where could we find stronger words of comfort? These are words especially for you today.
    Not only are the psalmist’s words beautifully rendered and reflective of profound insight, but also the very logic provides a pastoral word of comfort and inspiration. The writer begins with the full force of theological reality, a statement of religious confession and assurance that gives order and hope to his life and to the whole human family. This is the beginning point. This is the lens through which we view world events and the more immediate circumstances affecting our lives. Any other point of departure, any other frame of reference, will distort not only how we see but also how we hope. The psalmist began with God, and so must we.
    Not with just any god, mind you, but with the one true God, the creating redeeming, and loving God. The God on whom his people may depend; and with only a little bit of experience in our uncertain and many times cruel world, we see that this is the God on whom we must depend. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Ps 46:1). Therefore, let us come to grips with our grief, and er, fear, and loneliness, which result from this untimely death, by looking first to and through such a God as this, the God to whom Jesus also pointed. Because of his own reliance on God and because God was so much in him, Jesus could say, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest…rest for your souls” (Matt. 11:28,20).
    The psalmist’s assessment of God does stir us to reach out to God because God is reaching out to us in a living presence that helps us fend off enemies from without and enemies from within. God is our refuge; in relationship with God we may take shelter from outward attach, such as a tragedy over which we have absolutely no control. Oh, there will come a time to step out of the shelter and take on the enemy; but even then God will be with us, because God, too is our strength. The psalmist’s summary of theological affirmation is that God is a present help in trouble; come what may, God’s presence is what we need to cope and keep on searching for the divine meaning in life. Again, this is where we begin, not with the trouble.
    The trouble is real, and God never asks us to ignore it; that would be disastrous. However, in spite of trouble, the psalmist still draws our attention God ward. As an example of trouble, the psalmist recalls a personal experience-perhaps the most horrifying experience he could have imagined; and earthquake, even in that time when he feared for his own life amid death and destruction all around, he could still affirm that God was his refuge and strength.
    What you have been living through for the last several days is like a personal and emotional earthquake-with much of your joy and stability threatened and even dying. Finding peace and courage to rebuild will not be easy. You can find some courage and encouragement that you’re not up against it all alone. In both the material and emotional rebuilding and healing, the Lord of hosts is with you; the God of Jacob is your refuge.
    I want to leave you with Text: John 11:25: Jesus said, I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. This is the gospel of the Lord.
    To My Dear Sisters in Christ, Cissy Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown and the entire Houston and Brown Family. Your love one Whitney Houston is in God’s arms now, a place you and I wish to go. I can see her looking down and saying, I’m alright, I’m at home and I’m at peace. We shall meet again here where this is a better place.
    Bishop Walter Dixon.
    P.O. Box 832161
    Stone Mountain, GA 30083.
    678.948.8747 Office
    678.687.0090 Prayer
    678.439.9342 Private

  31. Anonymous

    Her family should put everything aside and let Bobbi Kristina have her father with her. She has already lost one parent, don't do this to her.

  32. Wendy Hemingway

    Any family has the right to request anyone not attend the funeral of their loved one. It happens all the time. If Bobby Brown has any class, he'll respect their request. Bobby was using drugs long before he hooked up with Whitney. Addictions are a terrible thing.

  33. Jamillah Ragland-Smith

    I think its a Cold blooded thing that they dont want him therr……Whitney was a grown woman no one forced her to do anything..thats not the Christian way to keep him from saying goodbye..they do share a daughter..give him a break…i hope he shows up anyway

  34. Davina Dawn Murphy

    the whole thing was so sad kevin she was such a beautiful singer and now she gone.'WHAT A LOSS' JUST LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON.

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