Michelle Duggar Talks About Having More Children

Duggars Are “Open” To More Kids, Family Could Grow To 20

If god wants them to have more kids Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will let it happen. Michelle Duggar spoke to Today on Tuesday for one of the first times since her December miscarriage and she said of the couple’s family planning:

“We would be open to more if God saw fit to bless us with more.”

While she calls the loss of her child a “devastating experience” she says she “would do it again.” Michelle goes on to add “We realize our sweet little Jubilee is with the Lord, and we will see her again someday.”

Michelle Duggar’s interview comes ahead of the miscarriage episode which will air during an episode of this seasons 19 Kids And Counting. A preview clip has aired on TLC and shows the moment when Michelle Duggar learns about the miscarriage during a regular ultrasound with their family doctor.

You may recall that it was an early miscarriage during the couple’s second pregnancy that prompted them to drop birth control and let god decide the size of their family with now also includes two grandchildren.

Do you think Michelle Duggar should continue to have children or end her run with 19 kids and what is sure to be a ton of grandchildren?