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Ray J “Crushed” Over Whitney Houston’s Death

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Singer Ray J was seen, bleary-eyed and dressed in a hooded sweatshirt, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Sunday morning, distraught over the sudden unexpected death of Whitney Houston. Ray J was at the hotel Sunday with three companions, being consoled over the sudden passing of his alleged former girlfriend, reported The L.A. Times.

“Whitney dead. Whitney dead. We all gotta live with that,” he kept repeating according to LATimes blog.

Ray also kept mentioning “missed calls” he received from Whitney shortly before she died. When one member of his entourage were approached for a comment, they replied: “Nothing right now.”

Although Ray J, 31, and Houston, 48, allegedly dated in the past and were rumored to have rekindled their relationship around the time of Whitney’s death, Ray J insisted in an interview with “The Insider” that he and Whitney were just friends.

“You know people blow this thing out of proportion. I mean that’s my friend; I’ve been knowing her for years and years and she’s a part of the family,” Ray J said. “So when we go out the next day it’s everywhere and there’s so many different stories but that’s my people, that’s my friend.”

The night of Houston’s death, Ray J rushed to the hotel to see Whitney, but reports say he was turned away by police. “Extra” also exclusively reported he comforted Whitney’s hysterical daughter Bobbi Kristina, who was “crying and screaming” in the hotel lobby.

Ray J talks about Whitney Houston in the clip below (filmed just one day before the iconic singer died):

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7 Responses to “Ray J “Crushed” Over Whitney Houston’s Death”

  1. Denise Lawson

    To my whitney I going to miss you forever and ever you the grestest I will not forget you my sister I don't love you just because you sing I love you for who you are and you are a wonderful and beautiful person love you whitney Houston RIP.

  2. Freddie Alvarado

    R.I.P. Whitney! We have lost a voice, an amazing voice that can never be replaced. She will be among the Angels on high, singing beautiful music in the sky.

  3. Jenna Daniel Viorato

    sad that whitney died, but damn all this for a drug adict, they same with michael jackson, why such a huge deal out of 2 drug adicts?

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