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Amazing: man survives truck, train collision (video)


There’s luck, and then there’s the luck Turkish haulier Cem Tokac has.

Tokac was waiting by a rail line for a train to pass, when a truck drove in front of the train next to where he was standing. The train hits the truck, and the truck hits Tokac, who goes straight to the ground.

His injuries: cuts, bruises, and probably a soiled pair of pants.

The entire incident was captured on CCTV at two different angles. Watching it you just can’t believe that he walked away.

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5 Responses to “Amazing: man survives truck, train collision (video)”

  1. Elijah Bailey (zu)

    There was infinite ways for him to die. It's a great day for him to have passed under that metal bar, that was already pretty low. And he looked at the truck a good moment, unaware of that mayhem ahead.

  2. Marcus

    He's doubly lucky considering his helmet wasn't done up – it flies off to the left of screen just after impact

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