Pizza Diet

Woman Eats Nothing But Cheese Pizza For 31 Years

For the last 31-years Claire Simmons of Notting Hill, West London has been engaging in an unusual diet, she has eaten nothing but Pizza.

The problem with her diet isn’t that she loves pizza but rather that she’ll only eat cheese pizza with no other toppings.

If her diet isn’t bad enough Simmons says she gags when other food is put in her mouth and the thought of eating foods other then plain pizza.

Known as “Selective Eating Disorder” Claire’s doctors have warned her that the diet she’s lived by for 31 years could end up killing her, leading to an increased risk of heart attack or stroke later in life.

Speaking to the Sun she responds to issues over her health by noting:

“I keep myself healthy with exercise and drink a lot of water. But my GP says I’m storing up many problems for the future due to a lack of vitamins and minerals. This could lead to a stroke or heart attack.”

When asked how she managed to get her needed nutrition from daily fruits and vegetables Claire responds:

“I’m actually scared of fruit and veg. I get so angry when people think I’m being faddy – this is a real medical condition.”

It’s been a strange month in food, I recently reported on a girl who eats nothing but chicken nuggets.

If you were told that you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would that food choice be on your behalf?

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