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Cissy Houston, Whitney Houston’s Mother, Speaks Out about her Daughter’s Death

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Tributes for the late Whitney Houston have continued to pour in after the legendary singer was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel room on the night before the 54th Grammy Awards.

Bobby Brown, Houston’s former husband, said in a statement Sunday:

“I am deeply saddened at the passing of my ex-wife, Whitney Houston. At this time, we ask for privacy, especially for my daughter, Bobbi Kristina. I appreciate all of the condolences that have been directed towards my family and I at this most difficult time.”

Meanwhile, Whitney’s mother, gospel singing sensation Cissy Houston, issued the following statement:

“We are devastated by the loss of our beloved Whitney. This is an unimaginable tragedy and we will miss her terribly. We appreciate the outpouring of love and support from her fans and friends.”

In an interview with Steve North, now of the Daily Beast, more than 20 years ago, Cissy recollected a moment when Whitney – in her youth – said: “‘Mommy, I’m going to be a star. I’m going to take care of you, and you’re never going to have to work again!'”

“I’m actually amazed sometimes,” Cissy said in the interview about Whitney, “She just goes, she soars. And hearing her sometimes just gives me chills.”

Cissy Houston, 78, is said to have spoken with her daughter Whitney Houston just 30 minutes prior to her death on Saturday. According to TMZ, the pair talked about attending the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party. Cissy Houston is reported to be “hysterical” over her daughter’s premature death.

Watch an earlier clip below of Whitney and Cissy Houston

via Daily Beast

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93 Responses to “Cissy Houston, Whitney Houston’s Mother, Speaks Out about her Daughter’s Death”

  1. Mary Johnson

    Ms. Houston; Let me start by saying that I am a fan of Whitney's and I lost a son, four years ago. My heart goes out to you and your family at this time, it is very hard to loose a child, though I cannot imagine how it would be if my son would have been famous, it was devastating none the less; I am still trying to heal as I know you will. My struggle is ongoing, but I have my good memories and they help sustain me and give me strength. Like her other fans, I was shocked and saddened by Whitney's death and will love her and her music forever. "God bless and keep you now and always, Whitney will be with you in spirit and when you think of something funny she did or said it will make you smile and feel the love more profoundly. We are not supposed to outlive our children but one thing I was told at my Bruce's funeral, He was too good for this world! He was my baby and only 25 when he left us but I know he's watching over us as Whitney is you; Take care and hold onto one another!

    Mary Johnson, Marion, IA.

  2. Cecilia Barton

    So sad, I can't imagine her loss. God Bless all of Whitney's family.

  3. Grace Worsley

    I listened to her rising voice while still a student at Howard University. She rose and rose and rose and rose…she has.
    been called to rest…and will still be a singing tutor for many…while she's resting. May her soul rest in peace…Condolences to her mother, daughter and all those who truly loved her, no matter what…Whitney Houston, gone too soon!

  4. Anonymous

    Dear Cissy – My daughter has been very ill with diabetes and I have almost lost her several times. My heart is breaking for you even though my daughter is still with me. I have felt the heartbreak of knowing that she might die so I share your grief just knowing how a mother can feel when we have no control over our lives or the lives of our children. God be with you during this horrible time and in the future when you still grieve over the loss of such a wonderful daughter.

  5. Anonymous

    You're in our prayer Ms. Sissy. No bond is greater than that of a mother and child. If I could bare your pain, I would. Blessings and may God keep you in His arms.

  6. Morrow Rosanna

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  7. Evangelist S Richardson

    God is in control, as humans in our infernet mind we can't understand the mysteries of God. But I believe that with all Ms. Houston's went through she knew God because of her up bering in the church. So I would like to think that in her last moments she talked to her savior and told him she was tired and ask him to give her away of excape from all the drama of this life and her savior open the door and she walked in. Oh! to rejoice in heaven with her love ones that has gone before her, That's how I want to see her now, not full of sadness but happiness. Yes we will miss her face but the love will never be forgotten are lost. We love you Whitney but God love you more.God needed a new lead singer for the heavenly choir.Sing Whitney! Sing!

  8. Carolyn Miller

    There are no typos in the article that I can see. Her name is spelled Cissy.

  9. Lala Smith

    My sweet mother passed away when I was 28 years old~~~~~~~now …31 years later………..I Have NEVER been the same………………….I know that she communicated with the creator the day that "she transitioned"…GOD helps us to get thru this pain that is so intense and everything goes through his "permissive will"……I have prayed for Ms. Cissy….I know what Bobbi Cristina is & will go through….I will remember them in my prayer time….WHITNEY is with Jehovah~~~AMEN- – -AMEN- – -AMEN- – -selah ;(

  10. Anonymous

    "I will always Love you"! If anyone reading this doubts the power of addiction and how difficult the transformation can be, this is a tragic example of what self destructive behavior does to the human spirit of greatness. As one of the most talented female recording artists of our day, gifted with a voice and blessed with so much, all of us should stop for a minute and realize just how fragile life can be. My prayers to her family and loved ones. God created it, Clive Davis discovered it, and the Devil took it away. May the Lord God have mercy on her soul.

  11. John Killion

    Bobby Brown has a lot of nerve even showing up at all. We have him to thank for Whitney's troubles. He's an idiot. I can't believe anyone goes to his shows.

  12. Russell Scott

    Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson all had the exact same problem. They were shy, reserved, spiritual people who had this amazing talent that catapulted them into stardom. The conflict between worldly stardom and what was deep in their soul and spirit, was a source of great pain. Trying to serve two masters in life is impossible because light and darkness are diametrically opposed to each other. The frustration and anger that come from this ultimately lead to covering over the problem with various substances. The good news is they are all free from the bondage of corruption, and in the loving arms of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  13. Rose Nichols

    Mrs. Houston, " I want you to always remember that, Whitney was a true beautiful product of God and You! You were the love of her life, her everything. I can't began to know the pain and heartache that have came into your life. Please, Mrs. Houston, don't ever forget that, there is nothing to hard for our Heavenly father to do for us, we love him with all our heart and soul. I know he will bring you out. God is going to and more peace and love to you and your family life. I wish you so much peace and joy inow and always. We are so thanful to you for blessing us with your beautiful daughter, you shared her with the world, and the world saw the amazing angel that God sent us.

  14. Anonymous

    Whitney you know you will be missed. Good Bless you and your family especially your daughter.

  15. Anonymous

    Whitney was an amazing talent and she will be missed by her family, friends, and millions of fans. Here is an essay that celebrates her life and talent:

    GOD Rest the talented and beautiful soul of Whitney Elizabeth Houston.

  16. Kaye Sharon Tipton

    Whitney, May you rest in peace. To your family and daughter…..God will bring you comfort and strenght as you walk this tragic lost. You are in God's hands he is control, let Him be your Rock at this time. Let Him gather you close and lean into Him. For He loves you and your family so very much. God Bless all of you.

  17. Jayne Lotzer Quintero

    The Steel Magnolias! Be strong as we know you wonderful, talented women all are! I cannot imagine the horror of losing a daughter! Whitney has a strong relationship with God also, and he just picked the best flower out of the garden. I am sure she is singing above!

  18. Tonya McCauley

    I am no fan of BB! He MAY have started her on the road to drugs but she chose to stay on that road. She was a smart and talented woman and the abilty to make choices. She had the money and resources to help fight her addiction and MAYBE she chose otherwise. We have to stop blaming others for our choices! No amount of finger pointing is going to bring WH back. Peace and Grace be with her!

  19. John Penn

    I met Cissy Houston and Dionne Warwick here in Florida when Whitney was living here. I would like to say it was a happy occassion, but I could tell from the looks on their faces that their trip here was for a family intervention to help Whitney. My prayers are with them, now, in their moment of sorrow.

  20. Geri Rogers

    Whitney had the voice of an angel. She was selfish, lying and a horrible mother. She has hurt so many people that loved her, especially her daughter who has been rumored to have been involved with drugs. Shame on all the bloodsuckers that hung onto her, she needed help. One can only hope that her tragic death will make others aware that drugs, legal or illegal can kill. Lets hope some future lives may be saved when the truth comes out. Whitney I pray you R.I.P. This crap about God wanting her is so nutty, Whitney screwed up and died and that's what happened…

  21. Anthony Bubba Green

    Wow after reading the statement Whitney said to her mother, Ms. Sissy Houston is about living out your dreams. I am having such a hard time dealing with Whitney death because When you lose a child before you the parent, it takes so much out of you. My wife and I lost our daughter, Deanna Green, at the age of 14, and she told my wife the same thing, "mommy, you don't have to worry about a thing I will take care of you" Deanna died by touching a electrified fence in Baltimore Maryland, while playing softball, 2006, she was a practicing Lyric Soprano, and had the dreams of becoming professional opera singer, she has a voice a Angel, Deanna did, go on to have two performances, and she did live out her dreams and both times they were in front of a church audience the way Whitney started. So Ms. Sissy Houston, our daughters' were raised, in the church and knew, God loves and the love of their parents. Ms Sissy Houston, I look forward on that getting up morning to hearing our daughters' sing in that heavenly choir. My God Bless you and your entire family. A heart broken fan, Anthony "Bubba" Green.

  22. Mike Pesole

    She did the best she could with what she had. What TRULY matters now is your granddaughter. I hope Ms. Houston, you and yours will take her and mentor her properly to avoid the mistakes her mother made. I think this would be extremely important to give your daughter some redemption.

  23. Steve Costa

    actually makes you want to cry.. a joy and love for music that she shared with her Mom. Something this beautiful can't be packaged and exploited without feelings down the road of complete and total burnout. Her voice was overworked to fit the needs of the industry. Always so sad to see such purity and beauty destroyed. Even birds take a season off from singing.. Goodbye beautiful songbird..

  24. Deborah Pennington

    Geri Rogers. As you point the finger at Whitney of being whatever. Know this as you point the one finger at her there are three coming back at yourself. As people it is my prayer that someday we move away from the fingerpointing. She has not been the only person who may have hurt alot of people who loved her. You and I also guilty of hurting loved ones. Perfect none of us are. Unfortunately, from her tragic death others will not find the awareness that drugs, legal or illegal kill. Before her death that is an already established fact, Whitney did not have to die to confirm anything of such. What truth comes out be it fact or not, let it be known everyone has ghosts even yourself. Work on yourself and the world should be a better place.

  25. Jeff Norman

    It's easy to get lost in the platitudes of "God" and the mysteried of "God", but the stark fact is, that somewher along the line the god of Whitneys understanding wasn't enough for her. We are forgetting the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction is a selfish disease and it is a disease of the heart, the mind and the soul.Whether Whitney died of actual drug abuse or not, I believe it is safe to say that her years of active addiction took a toll on her body as well as her voice and it was her and her alone that made those selfish decisions. Her family did not have the choice, were not able to make those decisions for her. She chose not to allow the god of her understanding help her recover. Now it is her family, friends and fans to pick up the pieces and try to make sense of such a terrible waste of talent. She had the opportunity to use her fame as a voice of caution, hope and recovery to those still addicted. A choice to spread a message of love, hope and god. She chose not to. Her life and the early end of her life will now be the message she leaves behind. Her untimely death saddens me because of this wasted opportunity. We can't forget the wreckage she leaves behind in the friends and family that are left forever wondering if they could have done more, if the did too much. And those that enabled her along the way that handed her a drink or a drug. And those that were afraid to say anything because of her celebrity.

  26. Charlene Craddock Doerschler

    Beautifully written! You are so correct. Whitney is in Heaven and there is no pain there. God Bless her family.

  27. Charlene Craddock Doerschler

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope your faith has given you some comfort.

  28. Evangelist S Richardson

    God bless your heart, it's wonderful to know that you have faith in known that you will reunite with your daughter one day. So you have peace with her death now but I'm sure it wasn't easy. But prayer changes things. I pray peace on your family as well. God bless you.

  29. Evangelist S Richardson

    You are in title to your opinon, He without sin cast the first stone. God know the outcome of our live before he put us here. And he knew the outcome of Whitney's life, and when it's your time to go,What will people say about you. We all have sin and fallen short of the glory of God. No she wasn't a saint,she had her share of down falls, but that don,t make her; what you said a horrible,selfish person. SHE WAS HUMAN and we all make misstakes and we must learn from them it's just that Whitney didn't get enough time to learn from hers. But she was past the starting line, if you and nobody else give her that I do.Say what you will but there is none perfact but Jesus Christ. So I still say Whitney take your rest you don't have to prove yourself any more to anyone.

  30. Betty Merlin Teaven

    I'm very sad by the passing of whitney houston, she had one of the greatest voices I have ever heard. I pray she is in heaven with our lord, god bless you whitney houston.

  31. Jennifer Jette

    Brenda Burditt uhhhh she was an extremely shy youngster and adolescent. I have been a huge fan since I was in the single didgits and am 27 now and still no one has impressed, amazed, or inspired me as much as Whitney Hpuston and no on ever will.

  32. Jennifer Jette

    Brenda Burditt uhhhh she was an extremely shy youngster and adolescent. I have been a huge fan since I was in the single didgits and am 27 now and still no one has impressed, amazed, or inspired me as much as Whitney Hpuston and no on ever will.

  33. Jennifer Jette

    I bet half the world doesn't have over 2 dozen of her magazines, award show performances from decades ago, ect. I absolutely love this woman. And the people who dogged her when she was struggling with drug addiction should be ashamed of themselves now that she is gone. She was not only the greatest performer and singer EVER, but she was a human being too. Human beings make mistakes, over and over again. Addiction is my speciality and one extremely difficult to overcome. This trajedy made me hysterical with tears Saturday night and almost all day Sunday. Today was the first I have yet to cry. Even if she did take her anti-anxety medicine to relax before the show, she probably figured a hot bath would only help. One of the biggest mistakes she could have made was lying in a bathtub, which lowers your blood temperature so you can relax. Combined with xanxex, she could have easily fallen asleep and slipped underneath the water. Regardless, it is a shocking and devastating trajedy. I hope that somehow Bobbi Kristina and Cissy, who I know were devoted to Whitney find peace in their herats and let time do what it does best-heal. I am still trying to and I only knew her as an entertainer-the best ever. Even if the years she wasn't in public, it was always Whitney. It will continue to be. Peace to Cissy and Bobbi Kris and the rest of her family and friends. Even you-Bobbi Brown. But I have to say in ending, I can't help but wonder how different her life may have been if she had never met you (Bobby).

  34. Ronnie James

    where was whitney, s mom when she was dying slowly during ms. houstons final tragic concert tour? count me as very cynical, very cynical.

  35. Ronnie James

    ms. houston's rendition of the star spangled banner is the work of an immortal, iluvwhitney 4ever [very very sad ] VERY.

  36. Debora Thompson Butler

    What you wrote was Beautiful and Amazing. My heart goes out to you too!!! I know that your Beautiful daughter is in Heaven now and you WILL get to see her again one day!!! How kind of you to share your story. It broke my heart–Just like Whitney's death. I hope her Mother sees your post. I think it would bring her a lot of comfort. You are a Very Special Man, and a Wonderful Father!!!!! May God Bless You and your Very Special Wife!!!! I can tell that you have a Very Kind, and Christian Heart by what you wrote!!!

  37. Carolyn June

    Knowing the Love of God, I can't help but believe that God loves Whitney best. Being brought up in church under her precious mother Cissy Houston and watching her mother sang as she grew up, it would have been interesting to see her pair with her mother as a gospel singer. Nevertheless she reached many people in the world with her music, yet she was different, unique and stood out amongst others. She fell in some pitfalls as we do nevertheless through the prayers, God brought her out victoriously. In her comeback she sang of her strength and comfort. But she had suffered enough in the world, never to return to that lifestyle of abuse again. Oh the Love of God, who would not have her repeat the horrible cycle, just when she got herself together, just as she was ripe, God picked her. Is it any wonder that her last song performed would be, "Yes Jesus Loves Me"? Rest in Peace Whitney and enjoy Heaven!

  38. John Tungseth

    We are Not to Judge, WHO goes to heaven or does not. .. God is our Judge. But Jesus said, "I am the way . .. No one gets to the Father but through Me."..Its your Faith through Christ that will save you… NOT Going to church,doing good works, or anything else will get you to heaven… I loved Whitney's voice, it was a God Given Gift. Her Voice is in a category of its own. I am deeply saddened by her passing, I pray for her daughter, and family.

  39. Kareen Richards

    This is indeed a tragic loss for your family Mrs Houston and the entire world. May God be with you in this very difficult time and may Whitney's soul rest in peace. I hope Bobbi Kristina stays with you.

  40. Mary Rubacha Jordan

    Dear Cissy Houston and the rest of Whitney's family.
    First let me say how sorry I am for your loss. Whiteny was a beautiful and talented young woman. I'm writing more so to tell all the people out there saying bad things to please stop and show some compassion. Whitney was someone's daughter and mother and I am so tired of seeing really mean posts about her. I lost a daughter almost 5 years ago to prescription drug abuse and it did not make her any less of a human being. Though some still felt the need to speak poorly of her and I am here to say that it just made things more difficult for me. It's so mean and hurtful to do that and it makes me think that YOU are not a good human being when you do such things. Please have some respect for Whitney's family and try to put yourself in her their shoes. Would you like someone speaking poorly of your dearly departed? I can tell you the answer would be no. It's so heartbreaking to lose a child and it's something you will have to carry the rest of your life. NOBODY needs to talk badly, we suffer enough.

  41. Ellen Schmidt

    I am so sorry for your loss.I believe Whitney is part of a beautiful group of angels singing&praising our Lord.May God give you peace&comfort in your loss of a mother daughter&fmaily members.R.I.P. Whitney

  42. Judith Shook Rivet

    My Heart and Prayers go out to Whitney's Mother and Daughter. We all make choices that determine Out Fate. It is sad the She took the wrong path. May She be at peace now. Without a doubt She had the Voice of an Angel.

  43. Glenda Wilkins-taylor

    Oh so so true, but God, we will never know her final conversation with God her maker, Jesus her Lord, we tend to forget in the glitz & glamour, trues and und trues what the make up is behind the makeup is! We only saw what the media wnate4d to paint of Whitney (& others), but God saw her for who she is and who she was going to be!
    Yes, it cut like a knife when I heard the news, she is like a daughter to me in age, because I have 3 very talented daughters and pray that God allows them to reach his goals, not so much mind or even theirs. Also that they never ever forget their foundation in God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. So Sissy, our prayers are with you, Bobbie Kristiina, & Family, our prayers of God's grace, mercy, comfort and peace are with you this day and forever more until you meet again as Children/Believers of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. We thank you for sharing your precious gem with us, but we thank God more for giving us a glimpse of who He is. Life is only for a moment no matter how we soar, eternity is forever when we reach heavens door. In love, compassion, Pastor Glenda R. Taylor, Greenville, IL.

  44. Tonya McCauley

    Dennis Gibbons Sr.: What a loyal fan:)I feel strongly that people can only do what you allow them to do. It's not like she was so dumb arse without a brain. Like all of us-she had a choice.

  45. Charlene Craddock Doerschler

    I feel bad for asking this, but I hope you understand my curiosity. Did the softball team or coaches know about the electrified fence? Why on earth was it so close? Did you file a law suit? Once again, I am so sorry.

  46. Charlene Craddock Doerschler

    Evangelist S Richardson: I wish you didn't live so far away in Texas. You are someone I would love to be friends with!

  47. Evangelist S Richardson

    Charlene Craddock Doerschler Awwww my heart is so full, thank you. We still can be friends, I have friends all over. We don't get to see each other but we talk on the phone and pray, and most of them I have never laid eyes on them and we've been friends for over 15 years.Some of them say that they just needed someone to listen to them. Well that's me….My e-mail(, feel free to e-mail me.I am on facebook, Hope to hear from you be blessed.

  48. Gallia Bastien

    Amen!!!! That's exactly what I said since the day I got the news!!! You put it so well!!! God Bless

  49. Sherri Bruesch

    To: S Richardson…..Your statement is contradictive…."God is in control"…yes that is true, but your statement "God needed a new lead singer for heavenly choir" will only drive people mad and away from God! I know that in some way statements like this are meant to comfort people but when they resignate months later and when a person is sad and alone and think about a statement like that….it can only make them mad at God and drive them away, instead of leaning and sitting in comfort of His arms. All of us want to comfort and make things better for people suffering the loss of a loved one….it is sooo hard to find words to do that.
    I am deeply sorry for the change in life for Whitney, she has been promised eternal life….we don't have alot of time here on earth, and Whitney made herself count! She had the most tremendous voice ever in the world history, nobody will ever come close to her sound again. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to witness her talent in my lifetime. Rest in Peace, Whitney, We all Love you! Your last breathe here on Earth, was your first breathe in Heaven!

  50. Kevin Boersma

    thank you for this post Evangelist it is heart warming to hear kind words said about Whitney it is sad how ugly so many people can be and the terrible things they are saying on the enternet break my heart. again thank you i truly need this today

  51. Donna Walb

    no much of a mother if ebobbi kristin has a n addiction problem at eighteen whit was a junkie that threw her life away an did not care about her daughtwer.

  52. Evangelist S Richardson

    Kevin Boersma: God bless you Mr. Kevin,we've all done things that was not pleaseing in God's eye sight. I over look those people whose saying crazy things about her. because if you open their closet door you probably end up buried under so much dirt it would make Whitney look like she was squecky clean.

  53. Claudette Dinnall

    Yes and Amen! God is in control. I was so saddened by the news of Whitney Houston's passing! Even as a Christian, I often have questions lingering in my heart. But today I feel that she IS with our Lord and Savior and all of us who accept HIM will be able to see her again one day. Be encouraged!!!!

  54. Evangelist S Richardson

    Mrs. Ms. or Miss Sherri all I would say to you is "YOU SOUND SO IMATURE" because if you can't say anything comforting then don't say anything at all. God is always in control of every situations in our lives. Now again I say "He who without sin cast the first stone. Those people that you are talking about that will be sitting and looking back on these words and thinking on them is imature,selfish jealous,hard hearted people who never intended to have a relationship with God. Which by the way sounds like a category we would find you in. Because I'm still trying to find some contradiction in what I said. Is it because I said "LEAD SINGER". And no the words were not hard to find, I chose my words from my heart and I'm not aplogizing for nothing I wrote, Again I say, let me put it in caps for you,"SING! WHITNEY,SING!"

  55. Sherri Bruesch

    Evangelist S Richardson……. I have a relationship with God….I do feel his strength and presence in my life every moment day and night….When God was talking to his Angel, Gabriel, He said to him, "Look at all of the wickedness….stealing, adultry, vanity going on." Gabriel said, "Just kill those who have offended you." God said, "Then I would be killing the ones I love….I love them, too!" Thats how he had to send himself as Jesus….to take away the sins of the world. He is in control, but it is not his nature to just pick someone and say I need them up here. I am just talking from experience of parents and friends that have lost a infant and people tell them that God needed your little angel, and when people go home after a few months they sit and think about what people have said to them, it makes them mad at God, how could he do this….and people have a hard time anyway when someone dies that they think that saying that is comforting. Sometimes not saying anything then….is more comforting….rather than being insensitive…..especially the people you say are immature, selfish, hard hearted….are the very Pastor and his wife that put on a grief group at our church…..and this is one of the insensitive comments that came up for discussion…..we did this as a group so we could better serve our brothers and sisters in Christ. Not to condemn people. You can keep your apology….

  56. Evangelist S Richardson

    Sherri Bruesch:Sweetie God is not the author of confuession, and we can go back and forth all night and day. But I'm not going to do that. Because again I'm going to be the mature one and look at it as agreeing to disagree. To be honest with you it's people like you that gives the unsaved a reason not to enter into the church doors. Now you chose me out of everyone on this page that gave a comment, you chose me. But guess what "DEVIL I WILL NOT ENTERTAIN YOU ANY LONGER" He used you real good. The devil know that Bible front to back. But a true woman of God would not contiuenly keep up confuesstion on this page where people are paying respect to the death of a young lady whom they loved. I will say this and then I am done responding to you on this matter weather your done or not. If you read what I said careful I said {I would like to think that this is what she did} But again WHY AM I JUSTIFING MYSELF TO YOU are even talking to you for that matter. YOUR NOT MY GOD. OH yea! and who told you I was going to apologize any way. Read my words N-O A-P-O-L-O-G-Y. I'm done RIP Whitney

  57. Cidne Zollicoffer

    Evangelist S Richardson true plus no one has tht right to say if she going hell or heven . God knows tht. i agree 100%

  58. Cidne Zollicoffer

    yes boby brown used drugs. But he was there to surpport his child. U should judge people . People do change .

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