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Whitney Houston’s Death Accidental, Brother-in-Law Insists, Few Prescriptions Found in Room

whitney houston accidental death

As the investigation into the sudden death of Whitney Houston continues, it has been reported that very few medications were found in the singer’s hotel room- mostly necessary prescriptions or OTC painkillers, as well as the anti-anxiety medication Xanax.

And while fellow chanteuse Celine Dion went on record blaming drugs and “bad” influences for taking Houston from her family and “dreams,” the troubled singer’s brother-in-law insists that the her death had to have been an accident, because she never would have chosen to leave daughter Bobbi Kristina. (Bobbi Kristina has been taken to the hospital at least twice since her mother’s death, and was also reportedly arguing with cops outside the hotel room in which Houston died, demanding to see her mother’s body.)

But as speculation over a fatal drug problem continues, the brother-in-law of Houston, Billy Watson, told ABC that he is certain Houston never intended to die that night, and that her death must have been an accident. He says:

“Oh, no, this is accidental… She wouldn’t have left her daughter like that. She wouldn’t have done that to her daughter.”

Houston has unfortunately been linked with drug abuse in the past decade, the Los Angeles coroner called a press conference and insisted that Houston did not have many medications at all when she died:

“Los Angeles assistant chief coroner Ed Winter maintained at a news conference today that officials do not know the 48-year-old singer’s cause of death. He confirmed to ABC News’ L.A. affiliate KABC that officials found prescription bottles in Houston’s hotel room, but said there wasn’t anything “alarming” or “out of the ordinary” about them.

They were all “pretty normal” prescriptions, Winter said, adding, “I have more prescriptions than what was found in her [Houston’s] room.”

As of yet, no plans have been announced for Houston’s funeral.

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8 Responses to “Whitney Houston’s Death Accidental, Brother-in-Law Insists, Few Prescriptions Found in Room”

  1. Brenda Crum

    I will miss the Gratist singer of all time. She made me happy when I watched her music videos on m.t.v. And hearing her on the radio made me happy.

  2. Laura Dierking

    Long term drug use can sneak up on you and cause problems. If she was not using now, it could still be from her life of using drugs in the past. It really messes you up. She was once a great talent, but she let that go to do drugs. Hopefully someone is watching out for her troubled daughter.

  3. Al-J'ean Sauray J. Sauray

    @Laura you are right, Long time drug used has a way to creep on you even after you decide to quit, Now Bobbi K, has the trait, she must be very careful — Mama has the trait, Papa has the trai now the daughter must take 360 degree not to fall in the same pitt, it may be too late, and it may not…

  4. Jo Jones

    We Know that Whitney Houston is Dead.. but Whitney Elizabeth Houston still LIVES just like Michael Joe Jackson Still LIVES.. So leave Whitney alone.She could not find peace in the public eye so maybe now she can fine peace in private..We love you so much Whitney we do understand.. get help with the drugs and alcohol GOD bless you Peace.

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