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Deadmau5 pulls a prank on Skrillex at the Grammys


Last night’s Grammys marked a big night for electronic dance music community, with the likes of Deadmau5, Skrillex, David Guetta and more up for several awards. Skrillex ultimately took home most of the haul for himself, but it was Deadmau5 that got the last laugh.

Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) was shown on the red carpet during the broadcast, complete with his “Mau5″ head, with a black sleeveless t-shirt with a phone number above the line, “u mad bro?” And as it turned out, that phone number was Skrillex’s personal phone number.

Skrillex took it well enough, though. He laughed off the prank on Twitter, saying: “Haha @deadmau5 just wore my phone number on his fokin shirt on tv gotta retire this phone.”

In a quick attempt to take some revenge, Skrillex tried to turn on call-forwarding to turn the prank against Deadmau5, but apparently the prankster was way ahead of him. “Nice try with the call forwarding @skrillex 😉 one step ahead of you! Ps. Congrats dude! Seriously, so rad!,” he tweeted.

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8 Responses to “Deadmau5 pulls a prank on Skrillex at the Grammys”

  1. Ryan Carranza

    That's awesome that those two can be up for the award and still have fun.

  2. Dan D'Alessandro

    sorry.. that's not music. They have NO business being on the grammy's and kid's today have no idea or concept of what real music but here's a clue: songwriting, and playing instruments. NEXT!

  3. Dustin Fierek

    People always hate on what they don't understand. I suppose they consider classical composers to be fake musicians too since many of them wrote compositions for someone else to play.

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