Derrrick Rose Back Ache

Chicago Bulls Point Guard Derrick Rose To Meet With Back Specialist

Derrick Rose sat out of the Chicago Bulls loss to the Boston Celtics on Sunday after suffering from back spasm and the Bulls point guard now plans to visit with a back specialist in Chicago on Monday.

Rose admitted to suffering from back issues for the last several weeks:

“The first time I remember (the back problems) happening were in high school,” Rose revealed. “But college I didn’t have it. First couple of years (in the NBA) I didn’t have it. All of a sudden it just happened now. Hopefully, (Monday) I’ll meet with some people and try to figure something out.”

According to Rose his back was giving him issues since the Chicago Bulls started their nine-game road series on Jan. 29 in Miami.

“It was the whole trip,” Rose said. “I just played through it and the more I played through it, it tended to get worse after every game. At the time I was really worried about it, but (I’m) just trying to stay positive and hopefully I’ll be all right.”

Rose also revealed that he has had a lot of pain when trying to handle even small tasks including walking.

Speaking of his star players turn for the worse Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau revealed:

“You’re always concerned. It’s something that he’s had before. He had it when he was in high school. So we’re hopeful that it gets cleared up shortly, but we want to make sure … back are tricky, so that’s why he’s going to see a specialist (Monday).”

Also out of Sunday’s game was Rip Hamilton who was attending to a personal matter. Rip has missed all but 11 games this season because of injuries, his last game occurring on Jan. 29.

With 22 points and 7 assists per game Derrick Rose will be missed if an extended leave is required.