Evelyn Lozada, Chad Ochocinco Prepare for Summer Wedding

The Basketball Wives starlet and her New England Patriots wide receiver fiance have been dating for just under two years. After briefly battling breakup rumors and temporarily putting the wedding on hold in early January, the duo are back on track with Evelyn picking up the weight of the planning duties.

“He could [not] care less. He’s like, ‘I’m going to make sure I’m there,'” repeated Evelyn to ESPN.

Despite the NFL star’s indifference pertaining to all things wedding related, there is one thing Ochocinco demands a say in, according to Lozada.

“What he would like to be in control of is probably the music,” the reality TV star is quoted as saying by Popular Critic. “He’s very in tune with music. I mean, if you looked at his iTunes library, you would be surprised as to what he has in there. I think that’s definitely something that’s important to him”.

Evelyn and Chad continue to defy critics who still believe they won’t make it down the aisle – but from the looks of things by summer’s end Ms. Lozada will be Mrs. Ochocinco and/or Mrs. Johnson.

In the midst of her wedding planning, Evelyn is also gearing up for the Season 4 premiere of Basketball Wives which is slated to hit TV screens on Feb. 20 on VH1.

Check out Evelyn Lozada in the trailer for the show below:

via Popular Critic