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Dad Shoots Laptop, Outrages Teens, Inspires Parents Across the Internet [Video]


Tommy Jordan has a 15-year-old daughter who doesn’t do her chores. Tommy Jordan also has a 15-year-old daughter who has a laptop full of bullet holes.

The North Carolina father decided to teach his daughter a lesson for posting a curse filled rant on Facebook. In the Facebook note, the girls says:

“To my parents, I’m not your damn slave. It’s not my responsibility to clean up your shit. We have a cleaning lady for a reason.”

The note continues to berate her parents for being lazy and for treating her like a slave. Well, Jordan wasn’t too happy about that. He explains that he had just spent the day updating his daughter’s computer and that the girl’s chores are pretty simple. She’s expected to sweep if the house needs to be swept. Wipe down the counters if they need to be wiped down. Do her laundry if she has laundry. And make her bed if it has to be made.

Doesn’t seem too unreasonable.

Jordan said that he threatened to take the laptop away if she continued to act up. Well, Jordan is a man of his word. He fired round after round into the girl’s laptop and posted the video on Facebook.


Jordan said:

“Just for the record, whenever you’re not grounded, whatever year that happens to be, you can have a new laptop when you buy a new laptop…. Hope you’ve enjoyed your little fiasco on Facebook, hope it was worth all this.”

Here’s the video of the Jordan shooting his daughter’s laptop.

The incident has drawn mixed reactions. Some people are calling Jordan a hero while others say he overreacted.

What do you think? Did the punishment fit the crime? Do you think his daughter learned her lesson?

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26 Responses to “Dad Shoots Laptop, Outrages Teens, Inspires Parents Across the Internet [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    Well done that man.
    If more parents would adopt such a sensible approach to parenting as you have, there would be far less greedy and troublesome children and young adults.

  2. Josh Bryson

    over dramatic teen and while I have to applaud the father it has probably done more bad then good and may push her to rebel even more.. tough situation dealing with a teenager, my kids aren't that age yet but I was ;).

  3. Maureen McKenna Madril

    Some people consided this abuse in this story, What part was? The dad didn't shoot the daughter only a laptop, and the daughter wasnt even there,,, this daughter has it so easy compared to other kids even younger then herself,,,, Maybe she needs to volunteer at an orphanage,, I'm sure those kids can teach her a thing or two about what is important,,, and what's not,,, Good going Dad!

  4. Amanda Joyce Ferguson

    I would have found other ways to punish a kid other than shoot a laptop…

  5. Beverly Haines

    I support this father. He did not show any abuse at all! He paid for everything that was destroyed. I told my kids while they were growing up (one still with me, she's 18) that we are a family and therefore, they were responsible for helping to maintain the household. I am around a lot of children and I can't believe how disrespectful some of them are. Not all children are this way but a good many are. How many times has a parent run into to the school to say "You can't punish my child. I don't believe my child did anything wrong" Parents need to accept responsibility and realize that not all children are angels. We took punishment out of school districts and parents think it's ok for their child to do whatever they want. Finally, a dad who stood up for what is right. His daughter really could have had it a lot worse. Kudos to you dad. For all of those who think he did wrong, I bet you believe a "little time-out" would solve the problem, don't you?

  6. Beverly Haines

    I also would like to add that I have purchased my kids phones and other electronic devices and toys but if they chose to not respect the item and it was lost or whatever, then they did not get a replacement. Some things they have had to purchase themselves to help them learn respect and the value of money. It's called life. Nothing is for free and if you mistreat it then you don't get to have it.

  7. Bradley Jones

    Maybe shooting the laptop was over doing it, but I think taking the laptop was the right reaction.

  8. Amanda Joyce Ferguson

    Bradley Jones I agree that taking away the laptop was the right thing to do..its just my opinion that going as far as putting bullets in it was the wrong thing to do

  9. Barbara VanHorn

    Disciplining is about teaching your teen right from wrong in a positive way with a definite emphasis on nurturing.My opinion is this dad was trying to get her attention, which he did, but it is not a good idea to embarrass a child with a from of "show boating", Reacting to a teens misconduct in the same manner of the teens can be a major causes for rebellion in teenagers, further heightening their misdeeds.
    Teens love to trash talk each other. When that talk get mean-spirited and feelings are hurt, it is definitely time to step in. Don't respond to their comments with a witty remark or retort.That will only condone that behavior and only reinforce that it is alright to do what they have done. Remember, teens are sensitive and you can hurt their feeling and other it will escalate to a bigger conflict. As tempting as it may be, "bite your tongue and stay calm, it is always better to set an example by responding in a non-sarcastic way.
    "Set up your rules of acceptable behavior" and "spell out the consequences" of breaking the rule beforehand, and MAKE SURE you CAN & DO always follow through with the rules. If you give in, the teen will see your weakness and will push the rules every time. Be clear and consistent once you set standards of behavior and enforce your set of conditions for rule breaking. Stick to your rules even in the mist of a teens begging and pleading, (which they will do to test you) Once a parent can make their child understand the connect between disrespectful behavior and the consequences they will experience for breaking that rule, you will most likely have a child who is much more pleasant to be around, not only now but for years to come, as well.

  10. Kayla McFly

    he can do whatever he wants with it…it's his laptop and his house

  11. Morgan Liam Winter

    Facebook is supposedly private, He shouldn't really of been checking everything she posts. I'm not in any way saying what she said was right. Just think privacy should be respected.

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