Lana Del Rey on SNL

Lana Del Rey Lives On Ex-Boyfriends Couch

Lana Del Rey debuted her album at No. 2 in the country but her hard work doesn’t mean she’s living it up in a New York highrise apartment with a posse of freeloaders. In fact it’s Lana acting as the freeloader, crashing on her ex-boyfriends couch.

Speaking with The New York TimesT Magazine Del Rey recently revealed that she’s “Staying with my ex-boyfriend. I live on his couch.”

Perhaps she wasn’t sure how her debut album would be received after she was critically panned for her Saturday Night Live performance but after critically acclaimed performances on David Letterman and at an in-store performance at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles she should be apartment shopping sometime soon.

During her interview with the Magazine her manager said she had to leave at a certain tme for a “big industry meeting” which turned out to be a job “babysitting” for her friend.

You can read the full interview at T Magazine.

In the meantime here’s the singers SNL performance:

Here’s the singers far better received performance on David Letterman:

Do you think Lana Del Rey has what it takes to stick around for the long haul or is she a one and done album type of artist?