Andrej Pejic

Androgynous Male Dominates Fashion Week as a Man and a Woman

Andrej Pejic is not your typical fashion model. In interviews he tends to talk about when he sits in coffee shops or bars and men of all shapes, sizes and ages come up to him and blow him kisses from a far. The part none of these men realize in that Andrej is not only an internationally renowned fashion model, but none of them realize that Andrej is a man.

Fashion Week is alive and well in New York City and Andrej is the talk of the town. He is one of the only models how can light up a room and model clothing either as a man or a woman.

Ken Anderson, a stylist who has worked with Pejic before says,

“He’s just this beautiful thing that everyone wants a piece of,”

The ironic part is that Pejic is not your typical transgendered man. He has no desire to be a man or live his life as a woman, and in the fashion world and the world at large this is what makes him so desirable. Photographers that have worked with him talk about his embrace of his sexuality without an embrace of gender.

Pejic was born in Bosnia and spend his early years in a refugee camp before his parents moved with him to Australia. He was discovered there while working in a McDonalds.

Gene Hogan, a representative at DNA models, the agency representing Pejic in the U.S., says dozens of calls pour in every week touting a slew of hot new androgynous models: “They say, `Oh, you’ve got to see this guy! He’s the black Andrej Pejic!”‘

The main issue facing Pejic these days is over exposure. When any model becomes over exposed the designers that would normally book someone like Pejic become worried that his star power and presence can overshadow the clothes.

Pejic is very open with reporters but he does have one subject that is totally off limits. He will not divulge his sexual orientation. All he will say is,

“Love has no boundaries,” he says.

Would you think that Anderj Pejic is a man or woman by looking at him?

Watch an interview with Andrej Pejic