Two Sick Puppies

Two Sick Puppies Walk Into Human Hospital For Care [Video]

In one of the more AWWWWWWW inspiring moments on YouTube, a video of two small puppies and their cinderella story is going viral.

At a hospital in Corpus Cristi, Texas patients were shocked to see two emaciated puppies walk into the hospital. They walked over to the patient’s lobby and patiently waited for their turn. One of the nurses came up to the puppies realizing that they needed medical care and brought them over to a section of the hospital where they could be seen.

One of the hospitals doctors came out and gave the puppies an examination and determining that they were skinny and hungry proceeded to write them a prescription for bacon sausages and water.

The patients then went to their makeshift room under one of the secretary’s desks to sleep.

The hospital contacted the humane society of Corpus Christi and the doctor helped the news caster covering the story (see video below) load them into the news van where they were driven to the shelter.

At the shelter they were very happy in their new cages with food and water and veterinary care. They will soon be ready for adoption.

How amazing is it that the hospital staff took the time and energy off their busy days to help two sick puppies.

Watch a video of the puppies walking into the hospital for care (careful super super cute)