Nick Gordon

Dr. Phil’s March 11 Full Show With Nick Gordon Intervention Released On YouTube [Video]

For those who missed or forgot to DVR Phil McGraw’s much-anticipated interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend, videos like this Dr. Phil [March 11, 2015]: The Nick Gordon Intervention, uploaded on March 11 by Network TV to YouTube, are a godsend to help view the whole Dr. Phil episode online. In the 42-minute long episode, which conveniently has the commercials removed in that YouTube video, Gordon can be seen engaging in various states of erratic behavior as the TV show’s crew and rehab workers help to get Nick into the interview room. Nick’s mom sits down first with Dr. Phil, and Michelle can be seen teary-eyed as she talks about her multiple attempts to dissuade her son from committing suicide, as Gordon has threatened to do on multiple occasions. As for Dr. Phil’s YouTube channel and official website videos, only snippets from the March 11 show have been released.

As reported by the Inquisitr, previously released snippets prior to the March 11 show displayed Nick acting combatively against Dr. Phil, with Krissy’s boyfriend objecting to the talk show host telling him to “man up.” But in the March 11 full episode of the show, viewers got an inside view of just how messed up Gordon appears, with Nick so inebriated off of a toxic combination of Xanax and alcohol that, at certain points, he had to be carried off the floor.

Throughout the show, Nick alternately jumped up and down off of the couch while his mother implored him to sit down and listen to McGraw. Gordon’s eyes wandered, looked into different cameras and asked the cameramen to get shots of the tattoos on his arm. In other parts of the show, Gordon became upset over being seen as weak and crying on TV.

In the end, Nick agreed to go to an in-patient rehabilitation center that Dr. Phil described to him, telling Gordon that he would deal with the pain and trauma there of losing both Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina, as she is in her current state of being.

“I hate Bobby Brown.”

Gordon didn’t mince words on his feelings for Bobbi’s dad, but McGraw didn’t wallow in that line of questioning. Instead, the talk show king made it clear that his mission — along with that of Nick’s mom’s mission — was to get Gordon to rehab to save his life. The interview did reveal that Bobbi and Nick had an argument before she drowned, as reported by Us Magazine‎ — when Michelle explained that Bobbi took a bath after she returned home that fateful morning from a club with Nick and a friend.

[Image via Dr. Phil Show]