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Bus-Sized Whale Shark Reeled In By Pakistani Fishermen [Video]

A 40-foot long whale shark was just sold by a group of Pakistani fisherman for RS 1.7 million (about $20,000 USD). The bus-sized whale was found dead off a pear in Karachi and required five cranes to life on shore.

Mehmood Khan, the owner of the Charai Fishery, said that the whale shark was found 10 days ago about 100 miles from his fishery. After dragging the giant shark back to land, Khan attempted to lift it out of the water with two cranes. The two cranes failed to lift the shark and Khan had to call in three more cranes to get the job done.

Here’s a video of the cranes trying to lift the whale shark out of the water.

ABC reports that the largest confirmed whale shark, a species that lives deep in warm waters and eats mainly plankton, was just a foot larger than the one reeled in by the Charai fishery.