Kanye West Tattoos ‘So Help Me God’ Artwork Onto His Arm

Kanye West has basically confirmed that the rumored art-work for his new album, So Help Me God, will accompany his upcoming record, because it has now been unveiled that he’s tattooed it onto his forearm.

West was captured with his latest ink while in Paris, where he’s visiting as part of the fashion week that’s currently being held in the French capital. You can check out the image, which was captured by @kimkpictures, below.

The new tattoo on Kanye West’s arms looks remarkably similar to the image that he originally uploaded when he announced the title of his seventh solo album, which will be entitled So Help Me God.

The artwork, which also be used for his upcoming single, “All Day,” too, is also the 13th century symbol for the Virgin Mary. This information was revealed by Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, when the reality star took to her Instagram account to upload the design.

Meanwhile, West also uploaded the image to his own Twitter account, alongside the caption, “ALL DAY (feat. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney.”

Kanye West has been busy covering his skin in tattoos since the turn of the year. Not only did he get one to honor the birthday of his daughter North West but he also got the date of his late mother Donda West etched on too.

Both of these tattoos are now strewn across his wrists in roman numerals. They were carefully done so by Maxime Buchi, who West had been co-ordinating with for a year and a half as they tried to work out the perfect design. You can check out the finished work below.

When quizzed about tattooing West by Complex, Maxime Buche explained that the rapper arrived at his shop at around midnight in February, and despite the fact that they had been exchanging ideas for around a year and a half the pair actually only figured out the design that they ended up using in just 15 minutes.

The release date of Kanye West’s So Help Me God is still yet to be announced.

[Image via Netloid]