Laila Ali Vs Ronda Rousey? Ali Insists She’d Win, But Won’t Actually Fight Rousey Though

Laila Ali has insisted that she would beat Ronda Rousey in a bout, but then reminded the world that she is still retired and a fight between the pair won’t ever happen.

Ali was quizzed by TMZ as she strolled through Los Angeles International Airport. At first she was quizzed about the upcoming Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Manny Pacquiao fight, which she revealed will be won by Mayweather.

But the 37-year-old was then asked whether she would beat Rousey in a contest. At first, Ali declared that the question was pointless, because she was a boxer who, during her super middleweight career, remained undefeated after 24 contests, while Rousey is a mixed martial artist.

“That’s like a question I’m not even gonna answer,” she remarked. “Because, for one, I’m not a UFC fighter. She’s not a boxer.” However, despite these remarks, Ali then added, “And no woman in the world can beat me. Period.”

After then being pushed by her interviewer, who suggested that Rousey might be a worthy adversary for Ali, she declared, “Of course not. She’s too much smaller than me anyways. She’s like the size of my daughter. My 3-year-old.”

After making these remarks, Ali soon took to her Twitter account to clarify that she won’t actually be taking on Rousey in a contest, and reiterated that they are two different style of fighters who weigh different weights.

Rousey is roundly regarded as the toughest female competitor in the MMA. She has an 11 match winning record, 9 of which were won by submission and the other 2 were courtesy of knockout, while she is currently regarded as the best pound for pound female MMA fighter in the world.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Rousey recently claimed that she could beat every male in her weight class, too, before she admitted that she wouldn’t actually fight one, though.

[Image via Latin Post/Yimg]