Nick Gordon is off to rehab.

Bobbi Kristina’s Beau Nick Gordon To Rehab As Dr. Phil Intervenes: Air Date And Whitney Houston Claims Preview [Video]

On Jan. 31, Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious, lying face-down in a bathtub in the home that she and boyfriend Nick Gordon shared. In the days since then, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has remained in a medically induced coma, dependent on life support to survive. And during that period, Gordon has taken to Twitter to express his emotional pain, with the suicidal theme of those posts motivating Dr. Phil to stage an intervention, reported Yahoo News.

During the taping of the episode, Gordon admitted that he was not sober. Dr. Phil revealed that he is calling the show an intervention because Nick was high.

“[He was] clearly in an altered state of consciousness. I asked him if he was sober, and he said ‘No.'”

In addition, Gordon voiced his depression that first occurred after Whitney Houston’s death and deepened during the days since Bobbi Kristina was rushed to the hospital.

The show is scheduled for March 11. Watch a preview below.

Did the appearance on the show really help Nick? Dr. Phil pointed to his departure to rehab as positive evidence.

“It got him safely tucked away and into rehab,” said the famous TV psychologist.

However, the trip to rehab occurred only after Nick punched two staff members from Dr. Phil’s show, according to TMZ.

According to Nick’s mother, Gordon was abusing both alcohol and Xanax. The 25-year-old became outraged when he learned that the episode was an intervention, not a standard TV appearance.

However, although Gordon’s birth mother appeared on Dr. Phil’s show, it was Whitney Houston who raised him beginning when Nick was 12 years old. She viewed him as her unofficially adopted son, raising him with Bobbi Kristina as if they were brother and sister as the Inquisitr reported.

But when Whitney Houston died in 2012, Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon proclaimed that they were lovers. Bobbi even called Gordon her husband on social media, a title denied by Bobby Brown, who declared that the two were never legally married.

During the intervention with Dr. Phil, Nick’s birth mother Michelle also revealed that Nick was the one who tried to revive Whitney by performing CPR, reported Yahoo.

“When Whitney was found, he administered CPR to her and called me as he was standing in front of her saying, ‘Mom, why couldn’t I do it? I couldn’t get air into her lungs.'”

But the coroner is disputing those claims.

“As far as I know, the bodyguard and the personal assistant pulled Whitney out of the bathtub, but they did not perform CPR,” stated the coroner investigator.

In addition to revealing that no CPR attempts occurred when Whitney was discovered, the coroner recalled the events as they occurred when the legendary singer was found.

“They called downstairs telling them to call 911 and Beverly Hills Police Department was on-scene in less than 5 minutes.”

A Bobby Brown family insider also denied that Gordon performed CPR on Whitney.

“[We] do not believe this story at all.”

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