You ever wondered what semi-digested Ramen looks like inside your body? [Video]

I am pretty sure that this isn’t a question that you ever thought you would be needing to answer but it might be a wise idea if you want to keep what you already have in your stomach where it belongs; but for the more adventurous this might prove to be rather interesting.

You see artist Stefani Bardin wanted to find out just how our bodies processed food like Ramen against more natural ‘whole foods’ so she decided to team up gastroenterologist Dr. Braden Kuo from Harvard University and with the use of two different types of pill cams document the process.

The two different pill cams had the one that measured pressure, temperature, and pH sensors to monitor the conditions in the gastrointestinal tract and then the second that recorded video footage while inside the body.

To better understand how the body processes different food one subject received gatorade, instant ramen, and gummi bears. The second subject got a healthier selection with handmade noodles, hibiscus tea and pomegranate-cherry juice gummies.

Aa the two different types of food made its way through the subject’s system it was recorded by the pill cams, and while the end product of this is suppose to be an art installation of some sort the video alone is pretty interesting as you can see how our bodies treat process and natural foods.

via Geekosystem