MIA Middle Finger

M.I.A. Will Be Forced To Pay All Super Bowl Halftime Fines For Middle Finger Incident [Video]

M.I.A. decided giving an audience of more than 100 million people during the Super Bowl was a good idea and because of her action she could be stuck with a very hefty FCC fine.

According to sources close to the singers agreement the NFL had M.I.A. sign an agreement in which she would pay any FCC fines that arose from bad behavior. The contract was necessary after the halftime show became a shock awe platform for singers looking to grab headlines.

In the meantime NBC has been indemnified by the NFL since the league handles the halftime show.

Under M.I.A.’s contract she will be responsible for 100 percent of all fines that are handed down to the NFL and NBC.

You may recall that CBS was forced to pay a $550,000 fine to the FCC after Janet Jackson’s nipple was exposed during a halftime performance however that fine was eventually thrown out in federal appeals court.

It’s likely however that M.I.A. will not be successful in an appeal since her actions were blatantly aimed at breaking FCC rules.

Sources close to the contract state that it wasn’t just about skirting a huge fine but also sending a message to performers that their actions have direct monetary repercussions.

Here’s the M.I.A. performance from the Super Bowl Halftime show:

Do you think it’s about time that singers at the NFL halftime show take responsibility for their own silly actions?