Google Starts Building Gigabit Internet Service In Kansas

Google, who had a contest back in 2010 for one city to get a blazing fast, 1 Gigabit Internet connection, has finally started building the service in Kansas City who was the lucky one out of 1100 other cities who entered.

Kansas City was chose the winner last March. Since then, they’ve been surveying the area and planning out the whole process which starts today with laying of cable. The reason for such fast Internet is thanks to fiber optic lines which can support incredibly fast data speeds. As someone who relies off of the Internet greatly, may just have to move down to Kansas. Okay, probably not, but I’m still jealous.

Via ReadWriteWeb:

“Kansas City won the Google Fiber competition because it met all of Google’s various requirements. “Our goal was to find a location where we could build efficiently, make an impact on the community, and develop working partnerships with the local government, utility and community organizations,” its FAQ says. “We believe we’ve found this in both Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri.”

“Kevin Lo (General Manager of Google Access) says the network will use “thousands of miles” of cable. The backbone of the network will be built first, and then Google Fiber will be connected to homes around Kansas City. The cable work starts today after months of surveying and measuring, as well as some negotiations around how to use the city’s utility poles.”

The speeds are quite impressive considering that Verizon FIOS which runs off of a fiber network, only reaches 150mbps, nearly 7 times slower.

What would you do with a 1 Gigabit Internet connection from Google?