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Watch Super Bowl XLVI Live Online [Video]

For the first time in NFL history, the Super Bowl will be broadcast live online. If you can’t find a big screen TV to watch Super Bowl XLVI today, you’ll still be able to watch the game on your mobile phone or computer.

The NFL has started to stream more games online, but this is the first time that the Super Bowl will be played out on the internet. You can watch the game and NBC said in a press release that viewers will be able to choose camera angles, get in-game highlights, live statistics and have DVR-like control over the game.

Rick Cordella, vice president of NBC Sports Digital Media, said:

“We are especially excited to now bring our unique and innovative SNF Extra video experience to the NFL playoffs, Pro Bowl, and Super Bowl… We don’t want to limit ourselves to people not in front of the TV. The playoffs are appointment viewing. People schedule their day around it.”

NBC reports that it typically gets 200,000-300,000 viewers on its website during the regular season, which is nothing compared to the 21 million it gets on average during its telecast. Those numbers should skyrocket today, however, for Super Bowl XLVI. The Huffington Post reports that the 2011 Super Bowl was the most watched program ever with 111 million viewers.

NBC will start its broadcast of the Super Bowl at 2 pm EST today. After a few hours of commentary, the actual game broadcast will start at 6:00 while the kick off is scheduled for 6:30.

Here’s a video from Yahoo Sports. You can also check out the live freed from NBC here.