Mary Cashman, Wife of Yankees GM, Files for Divorce Amid Stalking Scandal

Mary Cashman, the 42-year-old wife of Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, submitted divorce papers in Stamford, Conn., Superior Court yesterday, writing that her marriage to the 44-year-old GM “has broken down irretrievably.”

The filing comes just days after Louise Neathway (who also goes by the last name Meanwell), a 36-year-old British born single mother, was arrested for stalking Brian Cashman.


Photo of Louise Neathway (Meanwell) via Deadspin

According to the NY Post, Neathway – currently sitting in a jail cell on Rikers Island after failing to post bail – has been charged with grand larceny, attempted grand larceny, stalking, and aggravated harassment.

Among other things, Cashman’s lawyers say Neathway was “an unhinged con woman” out to extort him, bombarding him with text messages and calls during the past 10 months.She alleged tried to blackmail him into paying for an unspecified $15,000 medical treatment, threatening to contact the press and his family if he didn’t.

Cashman says he eventually caved, and gave her $6,000 in different bank accounts, before contacting police.

Mrs Cashman, who endured the humiliation of an affair her husband had back in 2009, has been living apart from him for nearly a year in the family’s $3.7 million mansion with her daughter and son, sources told the Post.

Per the divorce filing, she has requested permanent alimony, a split of their property and joint custody of their two children.

A spokesman for Brian Cashman declined a request from the Post to comment on the divorce filing.

via NY Post