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Newt Gingrich Says Brad Pitt Should Play Him If A Movie Is Ever Made

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich was talking on a radio show on Monday when he was asked by the radio show host who he would most like to play him should a movie about his life ever be told, the GOP presidential hopefuls answer? Brad Pitt.

Gingrinch responded quickly to the question with:

“Brad Pitt … why not?”

At least in the modesty department Gingrich was able to admit that they look nothing alike:

“He’s thinner, he’s better looking, he’s younger. But … why not go for Brad Pitt? You gotta relax and just, you know, let your imagination soar.”

It’s funny because the moment I thought about who would play Newt Gingrich I thought Andy Richter would be my number one guess and after looking around the web it turns out quite a few other writers gave the same answer. Perhaps Conan O’Brien could play Mitt Romney. In the meantime I’m not sure if that thought is mean to Gingrich or Richter.

I’m sure at this point with Mitt Romney soaring ahead in the polls and winning Florida that Newt Gingrich would even be willing to settle for Brad Pitt’s endorsement.

Are you surprised by Newt Gingrich’s answer?

Here’s a shot of a younger Andy Richter (they have almost the same haircut but parted opposite one another):

Andy Richter

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13 Responses to “Newt Gingrich Says Brad Pitt Should Play Him If A Movie Is Ever Made”

  1. Mark Pierce

    Oh yeah. I can definitely see the resemblance. I heard Brad was a lousy kisser, though. Have pity on whoever plays Calissa.

  2. Gene Joy

    Brad Pitt as Newtie Gingrich! If I was Brad I'd have to bitch slap Newt. What an INSULT! Newt, you're too big a dork to be in the same ROOM with Brad. And your mistress/wife should be played by who? A Royal Doulton?

  3. Ramona Jackson

    You called it, there's no end. This is the man who shut down the entire government for 21 days because he had to sit in the back of the plane. Look it up, his ego's so overblown he admitted it! A hero of the Oklahoma bombing sat next to President Clinton, and Newt was so angry he shut down the government in retribution…he told the truth and then he lied about the cause.

    Is this person stable enough to run our country? A man thrown out of Congress for ethics violations? A flaming hypocrite who pursued the President for ethical violations he was himself guilty of committing?

  4. Susan Nunez

    You have to be kidding, RIGHT? NEWT is old, has 3 necks, too fat and is a womanizer. Of course he would get a thrill out of Brad playing him. EGO TRIP! GRAY HAIR! and as the others say you could not find a woman to wear HELMET HAIR to play his THIRD wife. GO SIT IN YOUR ROCKING CHAIR NEWT AND DREAM!

  5. Tom Slick

    I don't believe that for a second..change of words..Maybe NEWT said.."Brad could play MY DICK because I hear he is a PRICK"..but I KNOW NEWT would NOT want BP anywhere around. IF they could use BLACK SHOE POLISH then I would believe Obama would want Pee Wee Herman to play him..would just need to pull his ears out a lot…that's because of Biden!

  6. Tom Slick

    I LOVE how EVERY one of these MOSTLY a WOMAN…probly UGLY ASS one, s at that..knowing NEWT would, nt even FART in their faces….it, s the STUPID Women who get involved in their PERSONAL LIVES…REAL MEN don't long as the Man can do the JOB..get these BITCHES OUT OF the BLOGS and away from a Computer….

  7. Tom Slick

    ROMONA LIKES BILL..the FAGGOT least we know SHE is a COMMIE TWIT..ha ha ha BILL is a CONFIRMED FAGGOT…ask LENO!

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