car lands on sleeping man

Car Lands on Sleeping Man [Video]

A man in New Haven, Connecticut got the wake-up call to end all wake-up calls when a car landed on him while he slept.

34-year-old Michael Sweat found himself pinned beneath a BMW SUV for almost an hour, as firefighters and paramedics attempted to rescue him. The SUV had slammed into Sweat’s house following a five-mile police pursuit, and ended up deep inside the property’s first-floor bedroom. Sweat suffered burns, but his injuries are not life-threatening.

The suspect behind the wheel of the SUV fled. Police believed he was wanted for motor-vehicle violations, and when they took chase, the driver of the vehicle led them on a pursuit through the Southern Connecticut State University campus and into New Haven.

Discussing the rescue effort, a police spokesman said firefighter teams had “used manual and pneumatic tools and timber to shore up the BMW and the home itself.” In the hour Sweat was beneath the car, he received ongoing medical attention from paramedics. He was taken to hospital with second- and third-degree burns to his buttocks and lower extremities.

Police, meanwhile, are continuing their search for the suspect.