Christina Aguilera ‘Drippy Leg’ Mystery Solved, Spray Tan Malfunction Confirmed [Video]

Christina Aguilera sang (by all accounts beautifully) at Etta James’ funeral on Saturday. Alas, her belting vocals have been somewhat overshadowed by a new viral video showing a strange drippy brown substance running down her leg throughout the performance.

Did Aguilera really have an unfortunate accident at possibly the most inappropriate time ever? Thankfully, no. A spokesperson for the 31-year-old singer has confirmed the real cause of the stray drips as spray tan from a bottle (you’ve got to rub it the right way).

Aside from the poop-like liquid dripping down her leg, Aguilera looked most demure in a black skirt suit, though she clearly knew she had a problem and lost style points when she tried to awkwardly wipe the drips away with her jacket.

At least one person was perturbed by the sight at the funeral. Speaking on Tuesday’s ‘The Talk,’ actor and guest Neil Patrick Harris reflected:

“I was watching backstage, I was hoping it was runs in her stockings. And I was dry-heaving as I was watching. It’s awful. Could it not have been clear? It would have been so much easier to explain.”