day care worker tapes toddler

Day Care Worker Tapes Toddler to Floor for Nap

A day care worker from northern Kentucky has been arrested and fired, after she allegedly taped a toddler to a mat during the child’s nap time.

Police have charged 20-year-old Alicia Lyons, above, with first-degree criminal abuse, after it was claimed Lyons and an accomplice used duct tape to bind a toddler to a sleeping mat after he wouldn’t go to sleep. Lyons was arrested last Wednesday, and was released from the Kenton County jail on Thursday, according to The Kentucky Enquirer.

Police acted after the child’s parents alerted authorities. Ludlow police chief Wayne Turner said the incident occurred in October 2011, when the child was around 18 months old.

Unsurprisingly, Lyons quickly found herself out of a job, with her employer Mustard Seeds Child Care in Ludlow firing her immediately. In a statement, the center insisted the incident was isolated, and that it was working alongside police and state officials to establish what happened.

Assuming she is found guilty, what punishment do you feel Lyons deserves? And parents of young’uns, do you feel day care centers are monitored closely enough in your area?

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