Twitter Celebrities Can Make Upwards Of $50,000 Advertising

Twitter who has over 200 Million users, 50 Million of which log in daily, has quite a few celebrities. With many celebrities who have Millions of followers, the money that can be made from advertising is very enticing.

Now, advertising on the social network is nothing new. There’s services that allow anyone to sign up and send out tweets that make them a flat fee or so much per click. Celebrities on the other hand, thanks to, can make a pretty nice fee from advertising products or services.

New York Magazine shared some details about how much certain celebrities make from advertising and even more details can be read in their latest issue.

Via New York Magazine:

“The pay rate for endorsing companies like Old Navy, Toyota, Best Buy, and American Airlines is determined by the size of a celeb’s following and how that group responds to his tweets with shares and retweets.”

“On that sliding scale, Snoop Dogg (6.3 million followers) is in the top tier of payments, on the upside of $8,000 apiece, while Paula Abdul (2.2 million followers) falls somewhere in the middle, in the $5,000-each range, and Whitney Port (800,000 followers) falls in the bottom tier, making around $2,500 per tweet.”

Not bad for sending out 140 characters. And while a few thousand dollars for one tweet sounds good, take into consideration that Charlie Sheen, when he first blasted onto the Twitter scene, was paid $50,000 per tweet.

Celebrities can make a lot of money through endorsements. Advertising on social networks is simply an extension of that. Sometimes though, they don’t necessarily disclose that they’re being compensated, something that the FTC has cracked down on the last few years when it comes to endorsing or recommending something that you were compensated in some way for.

How do you feel about celebrities advertising on Twitter?