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14-Pound Baby: Kendall Stewardson Births Nearly 14-Pound Baby Naturally [Video]

14-pound-baby-kendall-stewardson-asher natural birth

While the birth of a nearly 14-pound baby in itself is no record (heck, a Texas mom gave birth to a 16-pound child just last year), accomplishing the feat without surgery or the use of pain medication is kind of a big deal.

According to a report by USA Today, Kendall Stewardson of Iowa has been put into the running for mom of the year after she naturally delivered a 13lb 12oz baby without any pain relief.

“When he came out we all thought he was smaller and then we put him on the scale,” Stewardson said of her new son, named Asher, “we were very surprised, but he’s three inches longer.”

Baby boy Asher Stewardson is the second boy born to parents Kendall and Joshua Stewardson. The couple’s first child, Judah, weighed in at a whopping 12 pounds.

“Just to have two that had absolutely no issues, we’re definitely very blessed that way,” Mr Stewardson, 23, told WHO-TV.

The DailyMail points out that Asher’s birth was the largest on record for Mercy Medical Hospital but is short by roughly a pound for the state record which goes to a Johnson County baby born in 1980 at 14 pounds, 13 ounces.

According to Wikipedia, the average birth weight of a full-term newborn is approximately 7 ½ lbs and one out of 1,000 infants are born weighing over 11 pounds.

Here is a video clip on the birth of Asher Stewardson:

Female readers chime in: If you were committed to having a baby naturally would you stand by your resolve or cave in to the drugs if you knew it was to be almost 14-pounds?

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14 Responses to “14-Pound Baby: Kendall Stewardson Births Nearly 14-Pound Baby Naturally [Video]”

  1. Kimberly Langston Gerlach

    my hat is off to that mom to give birth to a child that big naturally. U GO GIRL! I could not do it…congrats!

  2. Elizabeth Wicker

    I helped a friend (small to Med build) give birth to her daughter Naturally little over 11 pounds, 21"long I thought that was big. Tough women!

  3. Frances Regan

    all births are natural— the words everyone here are avoiding are vaginal and medicated pain management.

  4. Denise Brugman Adams

    the most natural part of mine was the shot I got in my back lol

  5. Sandy Milazzo

    I chose to have c-section for the sake of my 11 pound 23 inch baby boy to try to ensure his safe delivery. That was more important than proving how tough I am.

  6. Shella Fronzaglio

    It's not just weight to consider. I've had 3. The 1st was 7:6 & came home in the same outfit as the last that was 9:14 – both girls. The 2nd daughter was just solid. My son was in the middle. He was 10:1 & 23 3/4" long. He came home in 9 month clothes & med diapers. He was so big his collar bone was broken coming out. They had not realized he was that big or they'd have done a c-section. Now both girls are under 5'6" & the boy? He's 6'3" lol The drugs they use – for pain AND to help labor along when the baby is having trouble CAN be a good thing. Pain killers could have taken the edge off for my son's broken bone (he would not have been "drugged" enough to hurt him). I don't like the fact that women are made to feel like they have something to prove! You aren't any good to your baby if you aren't in good health after the delivery. Do what is best for you & your baby & the rest of the world can go to, well, you know! lol

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