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Snoop Dogg Blasts ‘Cold-Blooded’ Kim Kardashian: ‘You Can’t Make a Ho a Housewife’ [Video]

snoop dogg kim kardashian

Sensitive new-age guy Snoop Dogg has dubbed Kim Kardashian “cold-blooded” and “a ho” as he sought to hand out marital advice to Kardashian’s ex, Kris Humphries.

Speaking under his pseudonym Nemo, the rapper said Humphries should never have agreed to marry Kardashian. Why? Well …

“He shouldn’t have tried to wife that b****, man. She’s not that type of a h*. She gets around, man.”

In Snoop’s view, Kardashian being a “ho” doomed the business arrangement, sorry, marriage from the start. And the rapper hadn’t finished there with his opinions of the reality TV star who he’d never met:

“She’s cold-blooded. I’m pretty sure she’ll have a book in a month talking about all the n****s she got and how she played ’em. […] So my advice is, look, you can’t make a h* a housewife. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Let her do what she was born to do. H*.”

He also mentioned Kardashian’s splits from NFL player Reggie Bush and singer Ray J (who starred with Kardashian in the infamous sex tape) as evidence that marriage was not something the star suited.

Here’s the full (NSFW) video of Snoop Dogg in full flow. What do you think, readers? Backwards, cliché-ridden caveman, or genuine love guru?

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26 Responses to “Snoop Dogg Blasts ‘Cold-Blooded’ Kim Kardashian: ‘You Can’t Make a Ho a Housewife’ [Video]”

  1. Gift Baskets

    She may be a ho but he is a big baby who thinks he is everything and he isn't. He was jealous of her family and I knew from the start the marriage was wrong.

  2. Nancy Segal

    she might be a ho.. but from some of the shit that dude said to her you could tell he was immature and didn't have any respect for her.. she doesn't need him.. why not divorce him. I think she should have seen it before.. but sometimes you don't see someones dark side till you live with them.

  3. Christopher Gass

    lol. sage-like advice from snoop. can't make a ho a housewife. love it!

  4. Melanie Lledo

    No he is not being mean. This is sound advice handed down from generation to generation. The person who wrote the article had a tone that sounded a bit offended, maybe they are close to and or are a ho. (a person who sleeps around with no regard to anyone else's feelings male or female is a ho).

  5. Christina Reinhart

    that is so not right.she loved him and she does not what to be marred to man like kris.that is her life who are you to call her names.i love kim no matter what.

  6. Sandra Vielma

    I think snoop is right bout what he said.. but guys sleep around 2 and aren't judged ad badly its a double standard- snoop has had his share of hoes and claims he's a dog.
    Wtf is wrong with this pic?

  7. Chris Huntt

    We dont love them hoes she out the door ! She does got a fat ass and nice tittys though I hope kris post pics of her sexy ass lmao

  8. Neil 'Kips' Robinson

    If a key opens lots of locks, it's a master key. If a lock is opened by lots of keys, it's a shitty lock. Case closed.

  9. Jodie Flett

    Well I don't think he should be talking shit about someone he's never even met. Bit of a dickish thing to do, No I'm not a big fan of Kim but I do believe you should never ever judge someone before you've met them. Pretty sure people's got a lot of bad things to say about him… and I'm pretty sure he won't like it if someone started saying shit about him. I've watched the show and I know that Kim was not faking her love for Kris she's a hopeless romantic, and because the marriage moved so fast and she rushed into it that's why it went downhill, I think she was just in love with the idea of having a big beautiful wedding with a gorgeous dress and all her family there. You guys need to watch the show and then you will truely know that she loved him and she felt terrible for what happened, it was never fake, she made a mistake and she knows that.

  10. Rachel Blalock

    Yeah, but they don't whine incessantly on national TV about how they can't find someone to love them, and they thought they'd be married by now, and they thought they'd (Heaven *forbid*) have a baby by now…Ick. It's just disgusting how pathetic and completely narcissistic she is. 😛

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