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Wild Llamas On The Loose In Arizona, Elude Capture With Evasive Maneuvers

There was a run for it in the Phoenix suburb of Sun City, Arizona, on Thursday, and it ended up with multiple people trying to help in the capture. It was no ordinary break though, as it ended up being two llamas on the loose in Arizona and they used some evasive maneuvers to end up eluding capture.

Yes, llamas.

The Huffington Post reported that it isn’t really clear where the llamas came from or what they were running from. It also isn’t known who the llamas belong to or how they made it out onto the streets of Sun City, Arizona. So far, there have been numerous names for the llamas on the loose, and CBS News came up with some of the best ones: “Llamas Unleashed” and “Llama Drama.”

llamas unleashed

There was no word of any injuries to anyone attempting to capture or corral the llamas. Also, neither of the two llamas were injured as well, per AZ Central. A large crowd had actually gathered in Sun City and a number of people just stood by watching the llamas on the loose.

Several residents in the area gathered together and tried to herd the animals and keep them out of traffic. There was one black llama and one white llama, and they had some impressive moves in avoiding the traffic and would-be captors.

As they ran through the streets and into a field, the llamas then ran into a neighborhood near 103rd and Grand avenues, and ducked in between homes.

Posse members from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office ended up on the scene and near the community where the llamas ran toward. Two of them ended up being able to corral the llamas with their police SUVs.

No deputies from the sheriff’s office were involved in the chase or the operation of the capture of the llamas.

A number of news stations took to social media with candid updates of the llama chase and dreams of the llamas running free back into the wild wilderness.

Yes, the black llama was captured first while his white llama partner continued out on his escape.

When all was said and done, the llamas on the loose in Arizona were captured safely and soundly. Luckily, no one was hurt in the chase and everyone could be happy knowing that the llamas were not injured either.

[Image via ABC 15 / CBS]