Bobbi Kristina in coma

Bobbi Kristina Brown Returned To Coma After ‘Violent’ Seizures As Bobby Brown Battles Nick Gordon [Video]

Bobbi Kristina Brown has become the subject of controversy since Jan. 31, when the 21-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was rushed to the hospital. She has remained unconscious in a medically induced coma, with health concerns ranging from seizures to possible brain damage. And now, after doctors removed her from that coma, violent seizures caused them to return her to that condition, according to People.

“She was taken off the drugs, but she began having violent seizures,” revealed a family insider. “She is being put back into a coma. Bobby is beside himself.”

Why remove her from the coma? Physicians do that either to evaluate the progress of the patient or because noticeable improvement has occurred, according to Dr. Subhashini Ramesh, a professor of NeuroCritical Care at Georgia Regents University.

But to the family, the need to return Bobbi Kristina to that coma and the violent seizures are heart-breaking, said the source, who asked for prayers.

This is a horrible setback. Everyone was hopeful that this was the sign that she’d turned the corner. We were so optimistic. Bobby is taking this so hard; he was sure this was going to be a good day. But please, everyone needs to pray for Krissi. I don’t care what religion you are, or if you have no religion at all. Send your thoughts, your prayers, your well-wishes. Send everything you’ve got. Please.”

Both in the coma and while having violent seizures, Bobbi Kristina has remained dependent on life support measures, reported MSN.

And it’s the need for those mechanisms that give reason for concern, say physicians who have talked about the oxygen deprivation that she experienced.

But even as she has lain there, dependent on medication, a medically induced coma, a ventilator, and feeding tube for survival, family members have fought over her future, including whether her boyfriend Nick Gordon should be allowed to see her.

Although Whitney Houston’s family and Bobby Brown’s family members have visited Bobbi Kristina, the man with whom she lived, Nick Gordon, has become embroiled in a publicly waged war with many of them. In particular, Gordon has taken to Twitter to accuse Bobby of preventing him from seeing Bobbi Kristina, claiming that he has the power to wake her with his voice, according to Us Weekly.

Brown’s lawyer responded to Gordon in a formal statement.

“Due to Mr. Gordon’s failure to place in tangible form his understanding of the events that led to the hospitalization of Bobbi Kristina, there is no reason for any additional discussion with him. It appears that Mr. Gordon did not want his understanding of the facts to be subject to the truthful examination of various experts or Bobby Brown himself.”

Nick then hired his own lawyers to issue a response.

“Mr. Brown is not law enforcement. However, in response to requests from law enforcement, Mr. Gordon and others have made statements. All Mr. Gordon wants from Mr. Brown is permission to see Bobbi Kristina. And again, Mr. Gordon is willing to meet privately with Mr. Brown to discuss this.”

But Gordon then turned to Twitter to post his personal insights on his relationship with Bobbi Kristina.

My only regret is not getting to @REALbkBrown faster to give CPR

Crazy how all the Browns came to the hospital when this went down. I’ve been with her 24/7 watching over her and mom. Bobby left when it Got heavy

In that series of tweets, Nick also accused Bobby Brown of failing to visit his daughter frequently prior to her hospitalization, and brought up the issue of Whitney Houston’s money.

Bobby seen his daughter 4 times in the last 5 yrs

Now him and his family want Whitneys $$$ which belongs to Krissi or Cissy

I love @REALbkBrown we both share the same fate. You’re going to wake up but I need it to be undalay (sic).

But who is Nick Gordon, and how did he form what Bobbi Kristina Brown referred to as a married relationship? As the Inquisitr reported, Whitney Houston raised Gordon from the time that he was 12 years old as her “adopted” son.

Whitney raised Nick, although not legally adopted, as if the two were brother and sister. But then, after Whitney’s death, the grief-stricken young teen seemed to find comfort in her unofficial brother. However, when the two announced that they were engaged, family turmoil followed.

As to the reasons that Bobby does not want Nick to visit his daughter? There are two rationales for banning Gordon from Bobbi Kristina, according to Uptown magazine.

First, his lawyer said that Gordon declines to reveal all the details to police.

“It appears that Mr. Gordon did not want his understanding of the facts to be subject to the truthful examination of various experts or Bobby Brown himself,” alleged attorney Christopher Brown.

In addition, Bobby reportedly believes that Nick was abusive with his daughter. He links that suspicion to the discovery of bruises on her body and a 911 call about a domestic violence abuse prior to the dramatic discovery of the 21-year-old’s unconscious body in her home.

However, several sources also have said that in the home that Nick and Bobbi Kristina shared, drugs including heroin were routinely used, as the Inquisitr reported.

Those insiders also alleged that some of her friends were associated with an Atlanta drug ring, adding to the reasons for concern from Bobby Brown.

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