Ariel Camacho dead Mexcian musician

Ariel Camacho Dead: Did Reckless Driving Kill The Young Mexican Musician?

At the age of 22, Mexican musician Ariel Camacho is dead as the result of tragic car accident. Speeding was a key component in the fatal nature of the crash, something that had landed Ariel in violent traffic situations as recently as the year before, reported Spanish language paper La Opinión. It is not clear at this time if Camacho was operating the vehicle.

Following Camacho’s death, Angel Del Villar, the president and founder of Ariel’s label, DEL Records, mourned the loss as a great tragedy for the evolution of Mexican music. Had Camacho not died, said Del Villar, his career would have surely taken off in a big way, reported Billboard.

“My heart is broken by the loss of Ariel Camacho. I knew he was going to transform the genre in Mexico and the United States. Millions of people would have become fans and would have gotten to know the man I did.”

Ariel’s last communication through social media was a Facebook post a few hours before his death, where he promoted an upcoming show in the city of Santa Rita and sent “a kiss to all the beautiful girls.” Although Camacho recorded the video from inside of a car, it has not been confirmed whether or not this was the same vehicle in which Ariel was killed.

Camacho performed in a genre of northern Mexican music called Sierreño, which is usually comprised of three instruments, much like the group that that Ariel fronted, the Los Plebes Del Rancho, along with his bandmates Cesar Sanchez and Omar Burgos.

As a tribute to Camacho following his death, his record label published a video of his final performance at 2015 Carnival Mocorito. You can watch a clip of Ariel’s last show below.

Following Camacho’s death, there has been an outpouring of public support on Twitter from both fans and other Latino artists. Outside of his native Mexico, Ariel’s name also trended in the United States, where he is promoted by Sony.

Had you heard of Ariel Camacho before his death?

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