Move Over Rihanna — Leo Has Eyes For Dakota Johnson!

Will Rihanna ever find love? Life & Style Magazine reports that Leonardo DiCaprio have have gotten cozy with the Diamonds singer in recent weeks, but his wandering eye has spotted someone newFifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson! Is the legendary ladies man moving on from RiRi and replacing her with this month’s ‘it’ girl, or is he simply playing the field like he’s famously known for doing?

Rihanna had just been spotted “swapping spit” with the famed actor at a nightclub not even a month ago. The two appeared to spend Valentine’s Day together, which may have led Rih to post a photo of a cherub on her Instagram account the next day. Before their Valentine’s Day activities they were spotted making out at a party at the Playboy Mansion. Gossip rags and fans have gone wild with speculation that the two could be getting serious, but other reports have indicated otherwise. For instance, Leo was spotted kissing a pretty blonde in between sightings with Rihanna, and now rumor has it that he’s interested in the Fifty Shades of Grey star.

According to witnesses who attended a party after the SNL 40 Year Anniversary special, Leonardo DiCaprio paid absolutely no attention to Rihanna, who was also in attendance. Instead, he was immediately glued to the side of Dakota Johnson, who is still riding the high of fame with the new release of Fifty Shades of Grey. The source that told Life & Style of the incident seems to think that DiCaprio may be Dakota’s real-life Christian Grey.

“Dakota looked like she was trying to play it cool, but you could tell she was thrilled to have his attention.”

The same witness claimed that DiCaprio appeared to be more happy that night in the presence of Dakota Johnson, than with any of the other celebrities that mingled with him. If that’s true, then there is certainly reason for Rihanna to put up her guard. If she and DiCaprio are getting close at all, then she may want to keep an eye on any possible friendship budding between he and Dakota.

Classicalite reports that DiCaprio had also just attended Rihanna’s star-studded birthday bash, an event where everyone had accepted the idea that the two were dating. However, the rag claims that DiCaprio may be planning on dumping the R&B singer. Judging by gossip about him and Dakota Johnson, Classicalite may be right. On the other hand, nobody really knows what’s going on between these three high profile celebs.

[Photo: Flow395]