Warner Bros. continues to show mind-numbing stupidity and anti-consumerism

Yesterday we heard about Craig Davis, VP of Urban Promotions for EMI, who came out and stated how he believes that the whole SOPA thing is the wrong way for entertainment business to try and protect their businesses. Granted he qualified his statement by saying that he was speaking for himself and not as an official representative of EMI and their position on the matter.

However refreshing it might have been to hear an industry insider come out on the side of the consumer in matter like this the fact is we have and entertainment industry that will do anything it can to protect itself from having to actually try and come to grips with a changing world; you know like Warner Bros.

Yes folks Warner Bros. is at it again and once more Netflix is the target for its anti-consumer behavior as we discover that not only are they making Netflix customers wait 56 between the release of a Warner Bros. movie on DVD and being able to rent it from Netflix but now that want to make you wait before you can even add it to your queue.

Warner Brothers is now imposing additional stipulations for its DVD movie new releases. Starting Feb. 1, the company has decided to restrict Netflix users from adding any new DVD releases to their queue until 28 days after the DVD goes on sale in retail stores, VentureBeat has learned.

While Netflix is unable to offer new DVD movies for rent during the 56-day delay window, the company currently allows subscribers to add the titles to their rental queue. This is particularly useful for Netflix subscribers because the new DVDs automatically ship out once the 56-day delay period ends.

via VentureBeat

The real problem here is that it won’t be Warner Bros. getting the heat when people suddenly find that they can’t add DVD to their queue but rather it will be Netflix that everyone starts yelling at. Of course this is all happening because Warner Bros. is under the mistaken belief that by screwing with their customers that this is going to magically increase the sale of DVD, which are hugely profitable for the entertainment companies.

Nice move Warner Bros, ya bunch of jerks.