United Nations New York

35 Pounds Worth Of Cocaine Accidentally Shipped To United Nations In New York City

Officials at the United Nations offices in New York City were shocked recently when 35.5 pounds of cocaine was accidentally shipped to their office by Mexican drug traffickers who failed to properly fill out shipping labels for their counterfeit UN bag packages.

With a street value of nearly $2 million the cocaine was concealed inside fake UN bags which were sent to the organizations New York headquarters after the carrier DHL saw the UN logo at their Cincinnati, Ohio center while the packages contained no actual shipping address or return to sender information.

Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne of the New York Police Department told Yahoo News:

“It is my understanding that because there was no addressee, the DHL just thought well that’s the UN symbol so we should ship it on to UN headquarters and let them figure out who it was supposed to go to.”

The moment the bags arrived at the UN security staff recognize them as “obvious fakes” and inspected them on January 16. Inside the bags contained 14 hard cover books which had been hollowed out to make space for the cocaine.

In the meantime officials said the bags looked nothing like official UN carrier bags but instead were made out of flour sacks or something of that nature.

The drugs have been confiscated but with no return address it’s likely the culprits will get away with their crime, although I would suspect that someone within the cartel has been killed given their inability to place a simple shipping label on an illegal $2 million package.